Miley Cyrus' Home Robbed For Third Time In Two Years, Perpetrator Pleads Not Guilty

Miley Cyrus has been a victim of more than just rumors this holiday season. The controversial singer was the victim of burglary, when her home was broken into on December 16. Details of the stolen items have not been released, but it has been said that a large amount of the items belonged to both Miley and her brother.

The burglary represents the third in two years, each instigated by different individuals. The last incident occurred less than a year ago. The perpetrators stole purses, clothes, jewelry, and even a 2014 Maserati. The couple were arrested and sent to prison for the misdeed. The most recent burglar has pleaded not guilty to the crime.

Billboard revealed the identity of the burglar as Rusty Edward Sellner, who pleaded not guilty in Thursday to burglary, receiving stolen property, and grand theft. If convicted of the crimes, he could find himself behind bars for seven years and eight months.

Sellner broke into Miley's Toluca Lake, California, home on December 16, where he removed a large amount of Miley's, and her brother's, property. At only 22-years-old, he already has two prior convictions for burglary and evading arrest, according to the New York Daily News. The preliminary hearing will begin on January 20, according to prosecutors. Although the value of the items stolen is not known, a previous theft resulted in over $100 thousand in items being removed from the home by 19-year-old Tyler Scott and 21-year-old Naomi Charles. Both are currently spending time in jail for the misdeed.

It is unknown if Sellner was an acquaintance of Cyrus, or why he chose to target her house, rather than someone lesser known.

TMZ reported that a law enforcement source claimed Miley's bankcard was one of the items removed form the house, although that has not been confirmed.

It is unknown how Sellner entered Miley Cyrus' home, or how he might have bypassed her security system. It has been speculated that the alarm may not have been activated at the time. Luckily for Miley, there was no permanent damage done to the home or her bank account by Sellner.

After a third burglary in two years, one would hope that Miley will pay more attention to her home's security when she is away. The situation could have been much worse, if she was home and the intruder became violent.

Neither Miley nor her brother have commented on the burglary.

[Photo Courtesy: New York Daily News]