'Better Call Saul' Extended Trailer Drops [Video]

It's less than a month until AMC's new original series Better Call Saul hits television, thrusting the rather ancillary albeit crucial character from Breaking Bad onto center stage. It's been a year and a half since Walter White's story concluded, but Vince Gilligan and company seems thrilled to continue telling stories in this world. After a couple of clips and a short, 30-second teaser from Better Call Saul, we finally have a full-on, two-minute extended trailer.

While the series premise may not have been complex to begin with, in the new trailer, we get a peek at James McGill (soon to be named Saul Goodman) and his motivations for getting into the business we ultimately see him in in the hit series Breaking Bad. So what hints do we get about Saul and the series as a whole from this trailer? Let's take a look.

Better Call Saul will be having a two-night premiere on February 8 and 9, and because of this fact, it seems safe to assume that this extended trailer is showing the highlights from those first two episodes -- namely Saul's origins and first big case. So we'll proceed as if this is indeed the case. First, it's good to note that Saul Goodman retains his trademark brash and unpolished nature in the trailer. A valid concern with spinoffs is the character losing what made him or her so great in the original show. This doesn't look like it'll be the problem, as Bob Odenkirk's portrayal is as spot-on as ever.

'Better Call Saul'
'Better Call Saul' hits AMC on February 8 and 9 with a two-day premiere.

The first half of the Better Call Saul trailer shows Saul starting out as a public defender. Unsatisfied with the pay at $700 a defense, he curses his way out of the courthouse, stating "it'll be a cold day in hell before I do any more PD work for this sh**ty court."

Saul's first moneymaker away from the public defender's office looks to be involving a firm called Hamlin Hamlin & McGill -- and given the "McGill" in the name, perhaps the case involves his uncle, or another relative of sorts, named Chuck. On the whole, the case looks to involve cashing out Chuck McGill from the company. On the surface, the McGill case looks to be on the level, but Chuck seems to be hiding something. Will the case take a turn for the worse, inciting Saul's slow descent into the criminal underworld? In true Gilligan fashion, it is bound to.

Did this trailer inspire confidence in the spinoff, or do you think Saul Goodman should've stayed on Breaking Bad? Considering the show's already been renewed for a second season, at least the studio has confidence that it will perform.

[Images Credit: AMC]