Pakistani Father Sacrificed His Children 'To Gain Magical Powers' Through Black Magic

A Pakistani father living in Kirachi is accused of strangling five of his children to death, during a sacrifice, in an attempt to receive magical powers and perfect the art of black magic and alchemy. The man's older son and wife were able to escape harm. The man escaped capture by local authorities and is currently the focus of a manhunt, in hopes of bringing him to justice. It is unknown why the man decided to dabble into black magic and alchemy, but his financial situation is believed to be a motivator.

Ali Nawaz Leghari, the 40-year-old father of six, is accused of murdering two of his daughters and three of his sons via strangulation, after attempts at poisoning his entire family failed. The children were between the ages of 3 and 13. During dinner, Leghari's wife noticed that he was attempting to put poison in the meal. She stopped him from tainting the meal, and began to argue with him. The fight escalated, and the wife and oldest son left to stay with her parents, leaving the younger children behind. Leghari took the opportunity to sedate the remaining children and then strangle them while they slept.

Police officer Qamaruddin Rahimo stated that Leghari's financial situation was pretty bad, and that his dabbling in black magic and alchemy may have been an attempt to get his life back on track.

"The man's financial condition was bad but he was also learning black magic and it seems that he made the sacrifice to excel in the craft."

Rahimo went on to share how Leghari carried out the murders, according to the Special Broadcasting System.

"He strangled them one by one inside the room and later dumped them on a bed in the courtyard."

Sky News reported that Leghari was on a 40-day spiritual journey, called a "chilla," that was suggested to him by a local living saint, or a "pir." His interest in black magic is considered to be a common practice in the rural parts of Pakistan, especially where the population of impoverished individuals reside. Police are currently searching for Leghari, and hope to bring him in to justice so his wife and eldest son can live without worrying if he will come after them next.

The entire village of Saeed Khan is devastated by the sacrificial killings, but are also afraid that his disappearance may be linked to receiving magical powers as a result of the sacrificial killings.

[Photo Courtesy: Metro U.K.]