Treon Harris In Trouble With The Law, Again

Florida Gators quarterback Treon Harris is facing charges again, after having another run in with campus police who are giving him a pass on the more serious charges.

Last month, Harris was pulled over by University police late at night for speeding on campus when a strong odor of marijuana was pouring out of the car. During the stop for the speeding violation, at least two bags of the illegal drug were found, and Treon Harris was driving without a license. While the officer chose to give him a citation for the misdemeanor charge, they did not bother with the more serious charges of possession.

Although he could have been charged, university police said that they chose not to do so because the car that he was illegally driving was not registered in Harris' name. Harris will appear in court to answer to the lesser misdemeanor charge on January 15. According to his attorney, it is likely that those charges will also be dropped once Treon Harris applies for a driving license, which he has never done before this incident.

While a spokesman for the Florida football team, Steve McClain, said that they were aware of the issue, there does not appear to be any plans for disciplinary action against Treon Harris by either the team or the University, who seem to be giving him a pass, once again.

Treon Harris had another run in with law enforcement in October, when a female victim came forward with details accusing Treon Harris of rape. During the investigation, the only concern that Harris showed over the situation when police were questioning him was asking the officers, multiple times, whether or not his rape case was going to end up on ESPN.

During the course of the investigation, Treon Harris' attorney shamelessly attacked Harris' victim in a smear campaign to the press, blaming her for the encounter, and threatening to release personal details about the victim to the press. Shortly afterwards, she dropped the charges, and although the University had solid grounds for disciplinary action against Treon Harris, they chose not to punish him in anyway.

The Treon Harris rape case, and other similar incidents, have lead many people to attack the University system as well as major league sports associations, which seem to often give players a pass when it comes to breaking the law, especially when it concerns violence against women. But to spite all of the pressure from the public, there seems to be little change in the status quo regarding the way in which they handle athletes like Treon Harris and their criminal behavior.

[Image Source: Tim Casey / Courtesy of the University of Florida Athletic Association]