George Zimmerman: A Timeline Of Violence

Dwight Wade

As the Inquistr reported yesterday, George Zimmerman has been arrested again, this time for aggravated assault. The news is not surprising, as this is Zimmerman's third arrest since the conclusion of the Trayvon Martin trial.

Zimmerman has, of course, been in the national spotlight since he killed Trayvon Martin in 2012. Zimmerman was acquitted of all charges in 2013, after claiming the killing was in self defense and citing Florida's "Stand Your Ground" law.

During the trial, Zimmerman purported himself to be an upstanding citizen who was only looking out for the safety of his neighborhood. Yet, following the trial, Zimmerman has had repeated run-ins with law enforcement, often for violent offenses.

Here is a timeline of Zimmerman's legal troubles since the trial.

July 17, 2013: Zimmerman's first post-trial activities were actually commendable. Zimmerman reportedly helped a family out of an overturned SUV following a rollover accident on a Florida Highway.

July 28, 2013: Zimmerman was caught speeding in Texas, and was found to have a gun in the glove compartment. He was given a warning and allowed to leave.

August 28: 2013: Zimmerman is pulled over again, this time for having window tint that was too dark. A minor incident for certain, but also part of an emerging trend.

September 9, 2013: Police respond to a 911 call from Shellie Zimmerman, as she claimed George punched her father and pointed a gun at him. The Zimmermans were going through a divorce at the time of the incident. In the call to 911, Shellie Zimmerman accuses George of threatening to kill her and her father.

"He's in his car and he continually has his hand on his gun and keeps saying step closer... and he's gonna shoot us. I don't know what he's capable of."

November 18, 2013: Zimmerman is arrested and charged with assault. Zimmerman allegedly pointed a shotgun at his girlfriend, Samantha Scheibe. The 911 call placed by Scheibe was released to the public. In it, she claims Zimmerman was breaking her things after she asked him to leave.

"He's inside my house breaking all my [things] because I asked him to leave. I'm doing this again? You just broke my glass table. You just broke my sunglasses and you put your gun in my freaking face and told me to get the [expletive] out."

The state attorney's office later decided not to file charges in the matter after Scheibe recanted her story.

January 9, 2015: Zimmerman is arrested for aggravated assault against an unknown victim. He is accused of once again brandishing a weapon either before or during the assault. He is currently being held without bail.

[Photo courtesy of Seminiole County Sheriff Office]