Kim Kardashian May Possibly Have A New Neighbor, Ray J Makes $2.7 Million Offer

Known for their sex tape, Kim Kardashian and Ray J seem to have a past that just won't let go. On January 11, 2015, TMZ noted that Ray J made an expensive offer on a house -- on the same street as his ex.

As can be seen from their sex tape — those who have seen it — the two had a chemistry that would've been hard to shake. Is there a possibility that they'll be neighbors? The house is said to be just eight houses apart from the West's.

Other than his set appearance in Belflower on January 24, Ray J has tweeted nothing about his possible new residence. And maybe Kim Kardashian is keeping it "hush" because she's mentioned nothing about it in her tweets either.

Only time will tell. This may be an interesting Valentine's Day 2015.

Kanye and Kim are already on edge with her sister and brother-in-law -- or ex-brother-in-law.

What are your thoughts? As Ray J said in one of his songs, "I hit it first." Do you think this could be the makings for a new song?

[Feature Image via Lipstick Alley]