How Tina Fey And Amy Poehler Plan To Have Grandchildren Together

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are good friends. Very good friends. In fact, the pair have been comedy buddies for two decades. As Mashable quotes Poehler’s memoir, their friendship is “the same age as Lourdes Ciccone, and like Lourdes, we think of ourselves as ‘Madonna’s daughters.'”

So close are Tina and Amy that they have joked they will one day be related — by marriage at least. Conveniently, Tina has two daughters and Amy has two sons, which makes for a perfect matchup. As clever and fashionable people, they have already figured out what to wear to their children’s weddings. The revelation came as part of an Entertainment Weekly Q&A for the magazine’s December 2013 issue.

“We have committed that we’re both going to wear peach to the wedding. I talked to Faith Popcorn about it and the trend is going to come around right about the time that they should get married.”

Faith Popcorn is a futurist and marketing consultant who identifies trends in the economy and pop culture — although her official bio does not mention fashion.

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are both Saturday Night Live alumni who made up the first all-female “Weekend Update” panel in 2004. In addition to sticking close to one another in many comedic projects since then, they have also worked alongside other veterans of the show. They appeared in a Jersey Shore parody on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon that ended with a profanity-laden showdown with a character played by Rachel Dratch.

Fey told reporters last week that she and Poehler work well together, even when they are coming up with new material.

“[We’re] easygoing and we are supportive of, ‘What have you got? Okay, great. I’ll do this then.’ We work very well together in that way.”


In fact, Tina Fey said in her memoir, again quoted in Mashable, that she likes the give and take of working with another performer. The famous parody of Sarah Palin’s interview with Katie Couric came about after Fey asked to not fly solo in a sketch about Palin.

“I asked if we could change it so I could be with Amy again. Since my background is improvisation and not stand-up, I really prefer the buddy system on stage. The Katie Couric interview was basically a sketch handed to us on a plate.”

By “handed to” them, Fey is likely referring to the fact that the SNL sketch is almost identical to the real-life Palin-Couric interview.

Fey and Poehler take up Golden Globe award-hosting duties for the fourth and final time Sunday night on NBC.