Tara Reid Sex Tape: ‘Sharknado’ Star Offered $1 Million To Do Porn Scene After Racy Instagram Pics

Tara Reid may not have made a sex tape yet — at least not one that his made its way to the public — but the Sharknado star has been creating such a splash over the past few months by posting scantily clad photos of herself on Instagram. Now one online porn site wants the 39-year-old to allow its cameras to film her performing sexual acts — and broadcast the resulting tape to the world.

And what’s in it for Tara Reid? A startling fee of a cool $1 million.

Reportedly, XXX-rated site Gamelink.com, like the 145,000 followers of Tara Reid’s Instagram account, couldn’t help but notice the Big Lebowski star’s New Year’s Eve nude picture, in which Reid posed lying in a hammock wearing nothing but a smile, albeit modestly covering herself with her strategically placed hands.

After seeing the nude Tara Reid pic and the wide media coverage it received, the GameLink.com bosses got a bright idea. Why not see if Reid was willing to go a step further — a very large step further — and actually have sex on camera, as a way to, the company said, “showcase her beauty and talent.”

Whether GameLink would select Reid’s sexual partner or partners in the sex tape, or whether Reid herself would pick, was not specified.

In addition to her New Year’s Eve nude pic, Reid later posted pictures of herself in a San Francisco bowling alley, clad from the waist up in nothing but a brassiere.

While Tara Reid has been criticized for appearing too thin in many of her recent, revealing Instagram shots, the Hollywood Gossip site maintains that “she’s still looking pretty great these days.”

You be the judge. Check out her many racy photographs on her Instagram page at this link.

Will Reid accept the offer to make a sex tape for seven figures? Given that the made-for-TV Sharknado films — reportedly a third entry in the series is now in the works — have put Reid, whose career had faded into near-obscurity, back into the limelight, she likely will not want to squander whatever newfound credibility she has gained recently by making a sudden shift to the world of pornography.

On the other hand, while Reid does not appear to be hurting for cash, her estimated net worth of $2 million ranks her well below many celebrities on the wealth scales.

The $1 million offer for Tara Reid to make a sex tape could actually prove a financially tempting possibility before the starlet turns 40 next November.