Farrah Abraham Gives Update On Botched Surgery Recovery

Love her or hate her, there is no doubt that Farrah Abraham is one intriguing individual. The former reality show star is always up to something and she never disappoints her fans. However, her most recent headlines probably aren’t exactly the kind of publicity that she was looking for.

The former Teen Mom star shocked fans when she showed off her botched lip surgery on Twitter. Farrah had gone to a plastic surgeon to get lip implants in an effort to plump her pout. Farrah is no stranger to plastic surgery and has always been open and honest about her many procedures. However, her latest procedure didn’t go as planned, and the star had an allergic reaction to the anesthetic that was used. As a result, she suffered severe swelling and had to be rushed to the emergency room.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Farrah Abraham spoke to Hollywood Life after her surgery and revealed that she went to the emergency room immediately following the attempted procedure. It was there she found out the problem and received initial treatment. The treatment includes five days worth of medicine that will “allow her body to heal.” Farrah will likely then see another plastic surgeon to fix the damage, and it is rumored that she may even appear on a new reality television show.

Farrah has been staying relatively quiet on Twitter, likely because she is recovering from her botched plastic surgery. However, she did give fans an update about her healing process on Twitter and, like when she announced the news, she was able to keep her spirits about things high.

Initially, Farrah Abraham compared herself to Leela from the show Futurama. The Cyclops creature’s animated pout appeared similar to Farrah’s botched lip surgery.

If Farrah does intend to appear on a reality show to fix her lips, it is unclear when that will happen. The former Teen Mom star turned adult film star has plenty of appearances coming up this month, none of which she has seemed to cancel just yet. Farrah will make appearances at an AVN booth in Las Vegas, where her adult film sequel is nominated for an award. She will also be appearing in Long Island, and she just recently announced an upcoming appearance in Arizona.

It is unclear if Farrah Abraham will steer clear of plastic surgery for a while or if she will simply be more careful about what procedures she chooses to have. Whatever happens, she seems to be recovering well.

[Image via Twitter]