Dr. Phil Sued For $100 Million -- Guest Claims He Made Him 'Look Crazy' [Video]

Dr. Phil is being sued for $100 million by a guest of his show who claims that Dr. Phil intentionally made him look crazy.

Matthew Barasch appeared on the Dr. Phil show a year ago to discuss stalking. Barasch said he told the show's producers that the only way he would appear on the show was if they didn't make him look delusional.

According to Barasch, Dr. Phil and his producers did the opposite.

The show, Barasch says, had a second theme in conjunction with stalking, and that the second theme was mental illness and paranoia. He claims the show was cut and edited in such a way as to intentionally make him look crazy, and so he's attached a price tag to the appearance of sanity -- and it's a hefty one.

A representative for Dr. Phil told TMZ that they stand by their broadcast.

"This guest was treated with the utmost dignity and respect, and every effort was made to help him find some peace in his life. We believe the attached clip speaks for itself. We will vigorously defend this frivolous and baseless lawsuit and will pursue dismissal and our attorney fees."

In an odd twist, Barasch wasn't a guest on the Dr. Phil show as a stalker -- rather, he believed that he had perhaps as many as 10 to 15 people, members of some organization, who were stalking him. Barasch revealed that he believes himself to be a victim of cops, as well, whom he claims planted crystal meth in his home. He also claimed that he had 1,784 pieces of evidence to back his claims of stalking up. However, most of that evidence seems to consist of video footage of cars turning down the street where he was parked at a busy intersection. He claimed that he had once caught a stalker on top of his roof, as well, and contacted police -- but police told the Dr. Phil show that they had no record of any such call.

In short, his 1,784 pieces of evidence were not very compelling at all.

When Dr. Phil challenged him, asking if, perhaps, Barasch wasn't actually being stalked, the man replied, "I'm afraid of you. I'm honestly afraid of you."

Ironically, at one point, Barasch says he is "too sane" to be a part of a conspiracy theory -- despite the fact that he believes he is being stalked by an organization of hundreds of people for reasons unknown to him.

Check out the clip below. Do you think editing by the producers of the Dr. Phil show created an unfair, crazy portrait of Matthew Barasch? Or did he manage to do that all on his own?

Dr. Phil isn't the only television personality and host to be sued over dialogue broadcast on his show. Check out why Nancy Grace is being sued here.

[Image via USA Today]