Nick Jonas Thinks It’s Unsexy To Say You’re Sexy

Nick Jonas is no longer a wholesome boy band singer. The former Jonas Brothers member has successfully made the transition to solo artist and actor, one with lots of sex appeal. Yet the last person people will see talking about Nick’s sexiness is Nick himself.

In an interview with the British magazine Heat, the 22-year-old said that he doesn’t think much of his new status as a sex symbol. Nick commented that it’s very unsexy to talk about being sexy. He thinks that it’s much sexier to be more subtle about one’s attractiveness.

“Well, here’s what I think… any time someone acknowledges or says out loud that they think they’re sexy, it’s immediately unsexy. So I might take the humble approach and say, ‘Look, you know, I’m just being me. If you think I’m sexy, that’s great, but it’s just me.'”

Jonas beefed up big time, putting on 15 pounds of muscle, for his role as a mixed martial arts fighter on DirecTV’s drama Kingdom. The show, about a family with a mixed martial arts gym, was picked up for 20 more episodes in October 2014. Shooting for the new episodes begin in the spring.

The coming months will be a very busy time for the entertainer since, besides working on Kingdom, he’ll be touring with Iggy Azalea. During his recent appearance on Live With Kelly and Michael, Jonas said that his personal trainer will be on the road with him. He joked that audience members may one night see him come out on stage with a black eye.

Kingdom is raunchy and features quite a bit of sex scenes. Nick Jonas admitted to Heat that he hasn’t watched any of his sex scenes with his family and that he warned them, including his brothers Kevin and Joe Jonas, when they were coming so that they could switch the channel.

“Not with my parents or brothers! I did give them a warning when those episodes featuring that sort of thing would be airing, so that they could be ‘aware.’ I say, ‘Hey, just a heads up – there’s a scene.’ And, yeah, they usually get the picture.”

Besides showing off his body on the small screen, Nick Jonas did a series of revealing photoshoots last year. For Flaunt magazine, he showed off his ripped body. In one photo, his underwear and pants are pulled down so long that not much is left to the imagination.

[Image via Flickr]