Katharine McPhee, Elyes Gabel Share A Kiss On ‘Scorpion’ Set: New Couple Does Not Hide The PDA

Katharine McPhee and Elyes Gabel are not hiding their new romance at all. McPhee and Gabel star on Scorpion together, and a photographer caught the couple kissing on set again on Thursday. E! Online shared the photo of the new public display of affection, and the photo has started people talking about the couple again on social media.

McPhee and Gabel were taking a break on set on Thursday when McPhee leaned over to kiss her co-star before they returned to their scripts. This is not the first time McPhee has been spotted showing her co-star a bit of affection on set.

In fact, a kiss McPhee planted on Gabel’s cheek while she was grabbing his behind back in August stirred up rumors that the two were dating. At that time, an insider revealed that she was “so embarrassed she was caught” in the act. The source also revealed that Katharine should have known better.

Us Magazine confirmed that McPhee and Gabel were dating in September after the pair were spotted getting “cozy all night” at the Scorpion premiere party. They arrived at the event separately, but they were inseparable the entire night. Since then, McPhee and Gabel have been spotted kissing on set at least one other time before this.

However, McPhee’s new relationship might complicate things with her old one. Her divorce from Nick Cokas has not yet been finalized. The couple split just after six years of marriage, and McPhee filed papers after six months of separation.

McPhee’s relationship with Gabel is not the only complication in her divorce. In 2013, McPhee was caught kissing her Smash co-star, Michael Morris, on the set of that series. He is married to Mary McCormack, and they share three daughters together.

The Inquisitr previously reported that McCormack kicked Morris out of their home after he told her about the affair and the photos that were about to be published. Morris and McCormack have since reconciled. Before the affair with McPhee, Morris and his wife had been married for 10 years.

McPhee has stated that her relationship with Morris happened after she separated from Cokas, but Nick states that her relationship with Morris was before they split. The difference in dates would cause a change in how the financial aspects of their divorce are handled. If she cheated on Cokas, he could lay claim to more money in the divorce. He is also asking for spousal support.

Nick Cokas claims that they separated in May 2014, according to TMZ. The news outlet shared more details.

“Nick has some pretty powerful evidence to back up his version, including emails and texts about their relationship. Family sources say Nick can show he and Katharine were in marriage counseling AFTER the pictures [of her and Michael Morris] surfaced.”

The new photos of McPhee and Gabel kissing have stirred things up on social media this weekend as well. Fans have been sharing the photo of the couple’s on-set smooch on Twitter, and some have even shared their reaction to the new photo.


ok so @katharinemcphee and @ElyesGabel are officially the cutest couple ever. #DEAD #waige #kelyes #scorpion pic.twitter.com/rz0XlsxQxe — kylie (@fangirlkylie) January 9, 2015

As for Scorpion, the series returned to CBS after a break for the holidays on Monday night, and it returned on a high note. According to Deadline, Scorpion’s numbers were up 22 percent for the episode. A new episode will air on CBS on Monday night.

What do you think of the new photo of Katharine McPhee and Elyes Gabel kissing on set? Are you a fan of this new Hollywood couple and their television series on CBS?

[Photo: Video Screencap]