Lucia Brum Padilla: Girlfriend Jumps To Her Death From 30th Floor Of Building Holding Her Two Daughters, You’ll Never Guess Why

Lucia Brum Padilla and her two daughters recently died after she jumped from the 30th floor balcony of an apartment she shared she her boyfriend, Carlos Pinto. According to the Daily Mail, the distraught woman reportedly made the fatal leap following an argument with Pinto, who was also the children’s father. However, the reason she decided to end her life and theirs has left so many baffled.

Apparently, her actions were the result of a jealous rage. She reportedly accused Pinto of infidelity due to his alleged friendship with another woman. So, the horrific act, which took place in Santiago, Chile, was possibly a form of revenge. However, speculative details about the case have yet to be confirmed.


The neighbors reported that Padilla and Pinto were arguing prior to the incident. Loud screams and yelling was heard shortly before Padilla jumped. One neighbor also described Padilla’s demeanor in the days leading up to the incident.

“She had been depressed and was unhappy about a number of things. The couple had been together for years and had lived here in Chile since 2012 although they had never legally married.”


Local authorities recently weighed in about the devastating incident with details about the 33-year-old father. Of course, he is in a state of shock. He reportedly had to be sedated as a result of the shocking ordeal. Uruguayan ambassador Rodolfo Camarosano shared some details about the devastated father. He’s reportedly being monitored closely due to the trauma he suffered after watching his girlfriend and children leap from the balcony.

“We are in permanent contact with the father of the babies, with his brother and with the woman’s family in Uruguay. Mr Pinto is in a very bad state.”

An investigation will reportedly be ongoing in order to determine what led to Padilla’s suicide.

[Image via Jessica’s Health Blog]