WWE News: WWE 'Raw' And 'Smackdown' Brand Split Coming Soon?

It seems that since NXT R Evolution, the WWE has undergone stages of turmoil in front of the camera and behind the scenes. Following one of the best wrestling shows in WWE history, John Cena had to hold a "talent-only" meeting to try and invigorate the rest of the WWE locker room to step it up. In Cena's mind, the rookies were out-performing the veterans on the main roster.

WWE's TLC pay-per-view had three great matches, but the rest of the show bordered the line of mediocrity. Along with the ratings not being what they once were and the NXT stars out-working the main roster on a nightly basis, WWE is not the prosperous-wrestling company they once were in the late 90s.

The best WWE programming arguably came in the early-2000s, when the brand split between Raw and Smackdown hit full-force. Stars were made on Smackdown, which made it a major show. In fact, Paul Heyman brought Smackdown to prominence when he was a head writer. According to WrestleChat, the brand split could be on its way back.

"With SmackDown moving to Thursday nights next week, WWE wants to make it a 'can't miss' show again. One major idea that has been seriously talked about is a 'soft' brand split, where some WWE Superstars—not all—would be exclusive to Raw or SmackDown.

"WWE officials are working out the details on this proposed idea and it should be known soon whether they will actually go through with it."

In an article by Bleacher Report last year, the writer said that the brand split needed to come back in a bad way. There are simply too many stars on the main roster that don't get enough time to flourish. On Raw, Bray Wyatt, Dean Ambrose, Damien Mizdow, the Miz, the Ascension, Rusev, Bad News Barrett, Tyson Kidd, Cesaro, Luke Harper, Erick Rowan, Paige, Sheamus, and the New Day could all shine on Smackdown.

If the WWE pulls the trigger on a "soft" brand split, then that inside competition that is much-needed in today's product would come back. Raw is three hours and too stacked for talent. Even with the extra hour, the WWE writers simply can't give the time that the stars listed above deserve.

For example, Wyatt or Ambrose could easily be a World Heavyweight champion and lead Smackdown like Edge and the Undertaker did for so many years. That's where Alberto Del Rio, former World Heavyweight champion, became a star. Sheamus also made a name for himself after his resurgence five years ago.

With NXT breathing down the main roster's necks, Smackdown's resurgence on Thursday will give it a much-needed lift. The WWE wants it to be a big show again, without over-stepping Raw. The right superstars and writers can make it a must-see show once again.

[Image via fansided.com]