Horrifying ‘Before’ And Amazing ‘After’ Pictures Of Scoliosis Patient Will Make You Happy!

For those of you who attended high school before the new millennium, you’d probably remember a procedure when a physical education teacher or nurse would use their fingers to feel your spine. For some people, that sounds questionable but for those who remember, it was the way to detect a condition that effects about 2 to 3 percent of the world’s population: scoliosis.

According to Web MD, scoliosis is a lateral (toward the side) curvature in the normally straight vertical line of the spine. The Inquisitr understands just how much of an issue scoliosis can be, especially for those diagnosed with the condition. Recently, it was reported that idiopathic scoliosis in adolescents may be from a gene. This is is very vital news because idiopathic scoliosis is the most common type of scoliosis and has no specific identifiable cause.

Now to be fair, there are many people with scoliosis who can live with it because the curvature is slight. Unfortunately, there are extreme cases in which certain steps must be taken for the person to live a healthy and complexity-free life. That is the case for one girl who needed surgery to correct her problem. After you see the pictures before surgery, followed by the pictures afterwards, you’ll surely be happy.

According to both Viral Nova and Viral Feasts, a girl took to Reddit to document her scoliosis surgery with photographs. Prior to her operation, her spine was at a severe 90 degree curve. Usually, people with such a curve will need to wear back braces for safety. You’ll understand why when you see the x-ray of the girl’s spine pre-surgery, below.

This x-ray of a girl's spine is extreme. According to the doctors, she has a 90 degree curvature.

During surgery, the surgeons were able to minimize the extreme curve to less than 20 degrees with the help of metal rods and screws. Since it is not completely vertical like a spine is generally supposed to be, the girl still has scoliosis. However, it is now at a slight degree, small enough to go on with everyday tasks without the need of a brace.

spine with supports
This x-ray now shows the girls spine adjusted to a curvature less than 20 degrees thanks to metal rods and screws.

Recovery for spine correction, especially one previously with a 90 degree curvature, can take a long time. She will experience back pain and other complications from the drastic change. However, it was the right thing to do for her overall health, especially in the long run. Below, you can check out the girl’s recovery during certain times after surgery.

Now that you’ve seen these amazing pictures of a girl before and after surgery for her scoliosis, doesn’t it make you feel happy? Not only that, by straightening her spine, the girl is now taller! That’s surely a plus, right?

[Images via Reddit]