Sony Hacked Emails About Kevin Hart Leak On Twitter: Hart Had ‘The Wedding Ringer’ Release Date Moved To MLK Weekend

If you need an interesting read on a Saturday afternoon, the Sony hacked emails that come with the subject line “Re: Kevin Hart” and feature a conversation about Hart between Michael Lynton and Clint Culpepper have leaked on Twitter.

As reported by the Inquisitr, that Bikini Robot Army Twitter account has been threatened with lawsuits over revealing details from the Sony hacked emails, which include how much Kevin Hart was paid to tweet and promote movies via his popular Twitter account, which currently enjoys 15.5 million followers on the official Kevin Hart Twitter account, called Kevin Hart 4 Real.

The Kevin Hart digital dish starts out with Culpepper writing that he received a call from Jeremy Zimmer, a United Talent Agency agent, reports Deadline, who informed Culpepper that Kevin wanted more than the $3 million he was paid to do the movie in question, The Wedding Ringer. Culpepper and Lynton begin to debate whether they should call Hart’s bluff and not pay Kevin the extra social media savvy funds, knowing that not tweeting about his own movie would only hurt Kevin, because that Hart publicity venue would suffer.

Another interesting factoid from the Sony leaked emails about Kevin Hart show that it was Hart’s idea to move the release date of The Wedding Ringer from February to the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., holiday weekend — and seeing as though The Wedding Ringer enjoys a release date of January 16, 2015, apparently the suggestion was taken.

“Kevin Hart told Clint he wants to move up from Feb 2015 to MLK 2015 on The Wedding Ringer. Putting a [Kevin Hart] picture on MLK right now would seem like a great idea.”

That email exchange from Jeff Blake to Doug Belgrad and Amy Pascal about Kevin Hart can be seen on Twitter, along with tweets from other Sony employees wondering if Kevin Hart would be willing to tweet about Denzel Washington’s The Equalizer.

All in all, the Sony hacked emails about Kevin Hart showing the conversations that led to Hart being called a “whore” for wanting more money to perform social media marketing have been published in four parts thus far on the Bikini Robot Army Twitter account, which is updated relatively often. In the end, Hart laughed off the controversy, saying he works hard to protect his Hart brand – and advised his social media followers to know their self-worth, and apparently get paid for their skills handsomely.

[Image via BET]