Caroline Manzo’s Spinoff ‘Manzo’d With Children’ Renewed For Season 2, Jacqueline Laurita Will Appear

Caroline Manzo is returning to Bravo in the second season of Manzo’d With Children. According to a new report, Bravo is happy with the series’ Season 1 ratings, and recently decided to renew the show.

“Manzo’d With Children was renewed by the network recently,” a source close to production revealed to Radar Online on January 10. “Bravo is planning to begin filming either this month or next.”

“Ratings were really good. Bravo was expecting around 500,000 viewers, but ended up getting over 1,000,000 in one episode! Bravo will be bringing the show back. A production team has begun to seek out advertisers to pay for the series.”

Caroline Manzo is also reportedly wanted for a Season 7 return to The Real Housewives of New Jersey. While she has yet to comment on the rumors, the source said she’d be on board if Bravo was willing to give her a raise.

“She definitely would return to Housewives if the money is right, and she definitely could handle doing both.”

Because of Caroline Manzo’s recent reconciliation with sister Dina, which the Inquisitr reported on last month, the source said Dina could make an appearance on the show’s second season.

“If she was at a family event, she could possibly be featured on the series. However, production is very insistent on keeping the storylines on this show and on Housewives very separate. Due to this, fans will not be seeing any family issues hashed out on Manzo’d With Children. It would be more likely that you would see Dina’s daughter, Lexi, hanging out with her cousins having fun.”

In addition, fans can expect to see Jacqueline Laurita, who also appeared on the show’s first season. As fans know, Laurita is the wife of Manzo’s brother, Chris.

“Jacqueline Laurita would also return to Manzo’d in the same capacity as last season if production sees it as fit.”

Following Manzo’s reconciliation with Dina, Laurita put her differences aside, as well, and confirmed the news to Radar Online.

“We all mutually decided to stop the nonsense and move forward in a positive way. We even had Thanksgiving together for the first time and it was peaceful and normal and great to have everyone together.”

Dina even got to meet Laurita and Chris’ son, Nicholas, for the first time.

“He loved her. He even sat on her lap and played with her hair.”

No word yet on a Season 2 premiere date for Caroline Manzo’s spinoff.

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