Abandoned Dog With Suitcase: Woman Abandons Dog At Train Station After Deal To Buy Him Goes South

An abandoned dog left with a suitcase by a woman in Scotland was found at a train station on Friday night. According to Fox 59, police were looking for the woman who left the dog — a male shar-pei — along with his belongings, including food, tied to a railing. The Scottish SPCA has posted the dog’s photo on Facebook hoping that someone would recognize him, and be able to identify his owner.

“SPCA Inspector Stewart Taylor said the dog is microchipped, allowing authorities to find out his name: Kai. The SPCA contacted the owner registered to the microchip, who said they had sold Kai online in 2013 but did not know the address of the person who bought him,” reports Fox 59.

The woman who abandoned the dog, and left him with a suitcase, has since been identified. According to the Daily Record, Fin Rayner, 39, abandoned the dog at the Ayr train station after a business agreement went wrong. Evidently, Rayner made a deal with someone on the internet, and met the person at the train station in order to buy the dog. When the deal didn’t go as planned, Rayner felt as if she had no other choice but to leave the pup behind.

“I went to Ayr to buy the dog. The guy rushed out with a food chest and lead on the dog. But I could see there was something up because [the dog] was very skinny. I said I wanted to take the dog for a walk, so he asked me for £150 as a deposit in case I didn’t come back. Then I saw him tearing off in his car. I phoned and said ‘You better come back for your dog’. He never turned up,” Rayner explained.

Rather than turning the dog over to authorities, or staying with the dog until something could be done, Rayner decided to leave the station… and the dog.

“I thought I’d take the dog to [my daughter] Aberdeen but my son phoned and said the photo from the ad was an American picture from 2005. I said to a member of staff it was somebody else’s dog. I said, ‘I’m just going to tie him up out there,’ and I did that. What about me and my daughter, what we had to go through? I told somebody, I made sure the dog was safe,” Rayner added in her own defense.

The abandoned dog is being well cared for at a shelter. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, over 100 offers have come from people interested in adopting him. His real name is Pluto.

Do you think Rayner should be held accountable for ditching the pup? Should the man who was trying to sell the dog be prosecuted?

[Photo courtesy of the Daily Record]