Prince William Known For Getting Roughed Up On The Rugby Field: Eddie Redmayne Dishes On His Old Schoolmate

Eddie Redmayne, recently given the no. 1 rank on GQ UK’s “50 Best Dressed Men in 2015” list, has more than just a fabulous style and fantastic acting skills to offer up; Redmayne also has details on his royal schoolmate, Prince William.

The Theory of Everything star recently told Glamour Magazine that Wills was known for getting roughed up on the rugby field, sharing that he “always felt slightly sorry for [William] because everyone wanted to tackle the future king of England. He took all the hits.”

Of course, there was no question about Redmayne’s view on the future king off the rugby field, as he added that Prince William is “a wonderful man.”

The two shared the field and the halls of the prestigious Eton College, where Redmayne was involved in not only sports but also more artistic-based groups in addition to maintaining focus on his academics. He’s got the vocals to add to his dramatic abilities, but joked to Movie Line that Prince William really didn’t measure up in the vocal department.

“I don’t think singing was his thing,”

As the Daily Mail shared, “The two were also members of the elite group known as the Eton Society, founded in 1811 as a debating group.”

Eton class of 2000: The boys, each in their individual waistcoats, line up for the camera. The Eton Society was founded in 1811 as a debating group. Image Via Daily Mail

The Daily Mail recounts what went along with being a part of the elite society.

“Like most prefects, the boys would have helped out at parents’ evenings and been responsible for looking after younger pupils. The group was also keen to uphold another tradition – wearing a waistcoat designed to their own individual tastes.”

Since his days at Eton and chumming around with Prince William, Redmayne has gone on to find notable success in his acting career. The 33-year-old has recently starred in films such as My Life with Marilyn and Les Misérables, and is currently up for a Golden Globe for his portrayal of Stephen Hawking in The Theory of Everything.

Watch Eddie Redmayne in The Theory of Everything trailer.

So Eddie has got a pretty good thing going on with his hot acting career and his spot-on fashion sense. Prince William should look to his friend or even his son, little George, for some style sense, seeing as even the toddler made GQ’s list for fashionable males ahead of William. Kate must have some advice to offer the dashing prince on what designs to sport to get him into the competition with his old school friend.

[Feature image via Time ]