Hillary Furious: Did Bill Clinton Have Anything To Do With Teen ‘Sex Slave’ Case?

Hillary Clinton is furious with her husband, Bill, after his name was allegedly mentioned in 2011 court documents in the case of Virginia Roberts. According to the New York Post, Roberts made claims that Bill Clinton’s former friend ­Jeffrey Epstein allegedly used Roberts as a “teen sex slave,” and she said that she was paid to sleep with Prince Andrew. Basically, Epstein was accused of being Roberts’ pimp.

“Talk in Washington is that Hillary is furious with Bill about all this new information on Jeffrey Epstein,” said a D.C. insider.

Evidently witnesses say that there was serious tension between Bill and his wife at the funeral of former New York mayor, Mario Cuomo. But did Bill actually have anything to do with Epstein’s supposed side business?

And why was Hillary furious? Well, the court documents claim Bill often flew Epstein on his private plane (back in 2002-2005). Also, Epstein’s “electronic black book” contained several contact numbers and email addresses for the former president and one of his aides. The communication between Clinton and Epstein “ended abruptly,” which seems like a red flag.

“The court records also revealed that lawyers for two of Epstein’s alleged victims were considering subpoenaing Bill in a civil case against Epstein. But he was not deposed,” reports the New York Post.


According to the Canada Journal, there seems to be some suspicion about Bill’s involvement with Epstein over a decade ago, mainly because the two had been such good pals. Could their relationship have ended because Bill found out what Epstein had been doing (allegedly sexually abusing children)? Or did Bill know all along? Was he guilty by association?

Of course, Hillary would be furious about her husband’s name being brought up in any situation that is negative, especially if she is considering a 2016 Presidential run. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Mrs. Clinton was named the “most admired woman” in a Gallop Poll conducted at the end of December. Many believe that her “popularity” could win her an election, and that she very well could be the first female president of the United States.

“Mrs. Clinton has been named most admired six years more than Eleanor Roosevelt who was also well regarded and well known. It is also notable since Mrs. Clinton has kept somewhat of a low profile recently, but there is still wide residual support, especially for those who are hopeful for a possible Clinton run for president in 2016.”

[Photo courtesy of AP via Politico]