WWE News: Dean Ambrose Now Favored Over Roman Reigns To Win Royal Rumble Match?

WWE Superstar Dean Ambrose has been red hot lately. Most have trouble believing it, as WWE has had him lose in every singles rivalry he has taken part in 2014. However, WWE has been careful to not hand Ambrose too many losses. All losses to Rollins mostly came due to help, and the ones to Wyatt were to help build him. Still, Ambrose is a tough test for people, which WWE makes clear.

Winning over Ambrose has become a major deal for a talent. This is why WWE had Rollins and Wyatt get the overall win base in their rivalries with him. Currently, Ambrose is without a major storyline, as his story with Wyatt wrapped up after their Ambulance match on WWE RAW this past week.

Despite his loses, Ambrose has remained a major fan favorite that fans cannot get enough of. Do not think WWE has not noticed, as this is why Ambrose remains in the main event picture. They know he has become quite a draw as of late.

Roman Reigns was the man WWE tapped as their next “top guy.” Specifically, Triple H picked Reigns to lead WWE into the future. The problem is, he also picked all members of The Shield to be top stars. This is why Seth Rollins was paired with The Authority and Reigns was booked strong.

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Meanwhile, Ambrose had to be the guy WWE had lose, as someone had to take the falls in order to build someone else. Ambrose gets what has to be done though, seemingly. In pro wrestling, wins and loses are technically the biggest thing. It is the match you’re in and against who. So while many may think Ambrose is losing credibility, he obviously hasn’t if fans still love seeing him.

This is why there is strong consideration for him winning the Royal Rumble. The Inquisitr reported a while back that both he and Dolph Ziggler were getting Daniel Bryan-like treatment. This basically meant that WWE wanted to book the two similar to how they did with Bryan, but in a less stressful, long-term story.

WWE has been trying to build others like a Rollins and Wyatt because they needed the wins to come off strong, whereas Ambrose just needs to compete for his side of things. His whole angle is being tough and crazy, with a never say die attitude. You literally have to almost kill him to beat him. That can make someone look good, but also make the man beating him look good. They’d have to do so much to beat them that a win would seem great, despite the fact that he has a losing record in main event TV matches in 2014. It’s the fact that he is so tough and remains such despite losses that makes him a threat. His character doesn’t technically always care about winning.

While Triple H still wants Roman Reigns to win the Royal Rumble match, those backstage, including Vince McMahon, aren’t sold on the powerhouse. Due to this, Ambrose and Ziggler both have gotten massive consideration since both are doing excellent. Basically Reigns is the “C” student the teacher wants to give help to, while the others make “A” grades and do not need the help. Sometimes those who do not need it are the best for the job over those who need help to get to where the company needs them to be.

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A meeting went down with talent backstage at a recent WWE RAW taping. It was said that Triple H told the talent that they had not yet decided on who would win the Royal Rumble match. They claimed it would go to the person who is the most impressive over the next number of weeks, which would also include past work.

That was when all signs started to point to Ambrose online, as his pops have been massive in every arena. He is also one of the few WWE does not have to add in cheers for during WWE SmackDown broadcasts, as we saw this past Friday night alone. Due to how great he has been, and the fact that WWE does not want to have another riot on their hands that they risked last year, Ambrose has been rumored to win.

Obviously, this is too early to tell who will win, but rumors usually have merit in some way down the line. Many think that if Ambrose does not win, he will at least be in the last few eliminated.

Many believe WWE wants Roman Reigns to impress them, but they are putting all to the test. The most impressive will be getting the Rumble win. While Reigns has improved his act since the supposed meeting took place, he has not been as impressive as he needs to be yet. He always could, which is why picking a winner for the Rumble match is impossible now. If the same things go down until the Rumble, Ambrose will end up as the winner if Triple H stays true to his word.

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