Chirp gets a new name and some improvements

At the end of January I wrote of a new Windows Twitter client called *chirp over on my home blog and other than a few things that took it out of the realm of being a primetime client for Twitter I thought it was pretty good for a first release. One of the comments made amongst those who tried was the name of the application itself. As well much was made of the lack of keyboard shortcut options with the client and was one of the reason why I felt it wasn’t ready for prime time.

It seems that the developers behind the client have been listening as they released a new version of the client under a new name – blu. Now I’m not sure if that is really much of an improvement but it does tie in nicely with the application’s colour scheme. the major user interface improvement though has to be the addition of some minor but important keyboard shortcuts which were sorely missing from the previous release. Now you can scroll through the list of tweets using the typical up and down arrows as well as the page up and page down. The only other thing I would really like to see added is a separate display area for @reply tweets such as you find in Twhirl.

So if you’re in the market for a new Twitter client you might want to give blu a shot after all it is a pretty sweet looking desktop app.