Georgia Dog Refuses To Leave Graveyard After Burying Her Dead Puppy

There are times in life when animals appear to have more humanity in them than human beings do. A golden retriever in Georgia sat in a graveyard for days and refused to leave when her puppy had died. She waited around and kept watch over the body of her puppy before finally burying the body and leaving.

According to The Daily Mail, the unknown dog sat in the graveyard and kept watch over the body of her puppy for days. Temperatures often dropped into the freezing range, but she would not leave her puppy’s side as she continued to grieve.

All of this happened in the Laurel Grove North Cemetery in Savannah, Georgia.

15-year-old Hunter Cone went into the cemetery to work on a school art project when he saw the stray dog. Upon walking nearby, he noticed she was guarding a puppy.

“I got closer and it got up and ran.”

Cone said that other people tried to approach the dog as well, but she would always take off and run. The thing is, she would never leave the entire area as she’d always come back to the side of her lost puppy and lay back down.

At one point, the dog even carried the body of her puppy to another place in the graveyard. She did that when too many people came nearby, and the dog obviously didn’t want the body disturbed.

Dog refuses to leave dead puppy

KHON 2 reported that Cone was doing a photography project for high school when he first noticed the dog. When he realized what was going on, it got to him a little bit, but he stayed around to see what she would do.

“It made me feel really depressed and upset. That’s something I didn’t want to see, but I’m kind of glad I did.”

Cone and his mother would bring food and water to the dog since it was obvious she wasn’t going to leave. It was obvious that she was feeling rather weak, but she “braced through the cold, starvation and thirst to stay with its dead puppy.”

Dog refuses to leave dead puppy

After a few days, the dog did finally bury her dead puppy in a spot where she saw fit. She still stuck around for a few days and then eventually left. Cone said that he doesn’t want her to die as well, so they’ve been “trying to work a strategy to get the dog.”

Some days the dog still returns to the graveyard and goes to the spot where she buried her puppy. Cone says she visits for a little while and then will leave.

The Savannah Chatham Animal Control has said that they are aware of the stray dog, but they have not brought her in as of yet. Cone and Animal Control hope that they can get her in, get her healthy, and find a good foster family for her.

Dogs are known to be quite loyal whether for their own canine family members or human family members. As for the Georgia dog who wouldn’t leave the graveyard where she buried her dead puppy, her motherly instincts show loyalty and love.

[Images via WTOC]