Cristiano Ronaldo Attacks Cameraman For Constantly Filming Him, Asks ‘Have You Nothing Else To Do?’

Cristiano Ronaldo didn’t take too kindly to being filmed during Real Madrid’s 2-0 defeat to their cross-city rivals, Atletico Madrid, on Wednesday. In fact, he was so incensed by the attention he received that he verbally attacked one of the cameramen constantly filming him.

Ronaldo had to sit idly by on the substitute’s bench as Atletico Madrid sauntered into a two goal advantage in the first leg of their Copa Del Rey contest with Real Madrid. But rather than focusing on the match taking place on the pitch right in front of him, one particular cameraman was far more obsessed with Cristiano Ronaldo.

After the Portuguese forward spotted just how fascinated the cameraman was with him, he decided to give him a death stare and asked straight into the camera, “You don’t have nothing else to do?”

You can check out Cristiano Ronaldo’s declaration to the cameraman below.

At this point, it sounds as though Cristiano Ronaldo had really had enough, because he then instructed the head of Madrid’s press to go over to the cameraman, where he was situated with a posse of other photographers, and he asked them all to leave.

Cristiano Ronaldo eventually came on in the 63rd minute of the contest. Real Madrid’s manager, Carlo Ancelotti, confirmed that Ronaldo didn’t start the match because he was too fatigued. This is despite the fact that Madrid have just come back from their 10-day winter break.

According to the Daily Mail, after the contest, Ancelotti explained, “Cristiano was a little bit tired and he might have suffered during the match.”

Real Madrid have suffered a torrid start to 2015. They have lost all three encounters that they have taken part in, to AC Milan, Valencia, and now Atletico Madrid.


In fact, some supporters and members of the media have jumped on this opportunity to declare that Real Madrid are actually going through a crisis.

However, Ancelotti was quick to dismiss such a suggestions, declaring, “I think to say crisis is a bit exaggerated, but we have not been happy with the last two matches. We have to win again quickly.”

Ancelotti also explained that even though they are currently 2-0 down to Atletico Madrid, he still believes they can overcome this deficit in the return game at the Bernabeu.

“There is still 90 minutes to play in the tie,” he declared. “We do not have much chance of progressing, but we will try with all our strength.”

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