Did You Know Chicago Erected A Monument Dedicated To Barack And Michelle Obama’s First Kiss? [Video]

Before Barack and Michelle Obama were associated with anything of a political nature, they both worked at the same law firm in Chicago, Illinois. As time went by, they became smitten with each other, eventually leading to the relationship they have now. This is how it all began for our 44th and current President of the United States and the First Lady, and it is a memory they’ll always cherish.

However, Chicago may also want to honor Barack and Michelle Obama’s relationship, too. The Windy City is doing this by erecting a monument in the setting of the Obamas’ first date. More specifically, a plaque has been placed where Barack and Michelle had their first kiss.

According to an article by Chicago Tribune, Barack and Michelle Obama fell in love back in 1989, at which point they sealed their budding romance with a kiss in front of the Baskin-Robbins ice cream shop in Hyde Park, just at the corner of Dorchester Avenue and 53rd Street. At that location, a historical plaque was set up to monument the event.

In a follow-up report by Huffington Post, they report details of the monument itself. It was made in accordance to the fact that Barack and Michelle Obama were about to celebrate twenty years of marriage at the time. The plaque is set into a 3,000-pound granite boulder commissioned by the owners of Dorchester Commons. The inscription on it was taken from an interview Barack Obama had with O, The Oprah Magazine back in 2007.


“On our first date, I treated her to the finest ice cream Baskin-Robbins had to offer, our dinner table doubling as the curb. I kissed her, and it tasted like chocolate.”

Just so you know, the monumental plaque isn’t the only way Barack and Michelle Obama’s relationship will be honored. The Inquisitr reported that a romance film of their relationship may be in the works, too. No word on which stars will play the highly sought roles.

Now that you know a monumental plaque has been made in honor of Barack and Michelle Obama’s first kiss, what are your views on it? Do you find it an interesting way to honor the President and First Lady or a waste in general, despite the fact tax dollars weren’t used to make it?

[Image via Hyde Park]