Nikki Ferrell As 'The Bachelorette' 2015 Season Lead? Sources Claim She's Under Consideration

Chris Soules' gig as ABC's The Bachelor 2015 season lead has just started airing, but the new season of The Bachelorette will start filming within a couple of months. Could Juan Pablo Galavis' ex-girlfriend Nikki Ferrell end up getting the gig?

Most viewers would expect The Bachelorette 2015 season lead to be one of the ladies who comes close to getting the final rose from Chris Soules this season. Reality Steve's spoilers have indicated that he believes Britt Nilsson may be the network's pick, and many can already see how the show does seem to be paving the way to giving her the gig.

Even if Britt isn't handing out roses in the new Bachelorette 2015 season, many think someone else from Soules' season, like Becca Tilley, could be a great choice. Others buzz that there are some franchise stars from past seasons of the various shows who could be good options. Whether the network is seriously considering them or not, names like Sarah Herron, Clare Crawley, and Michelle Money, now that she's split from Cody Sattler, are often bandied about as well.

According to Wetpaint, however, Nikki Ferrell is being considered for the spot by the network. As viewers saw during Soules' Bachelor premiere, host Chris Harrison talked to Nikki at length. She handled the interview well, never throwing her ex, Galavis, under the bus in ways that many would have thought she might.

Sources for Wetpaint say that there are "serious talks" taking place about Nikki becoming the Bachelorette 2015 star, and that the talks are part of why she had such an in-depth interview with Harrison. Ferrell said that she and Juan Pablo tried hard to make their relationship work, but she wasn't a priority in the life that he leads.

That said, Nikki had quite the reputation, according to Reality Steve, during filming, and that surfaced again during Juan Pablo and Nikki's season of Couples Therapy. Talk was that she wasn't all that easy to get along with when it came to others on the show or the crew behind the scenes. In addition, Nikki talked extensively about how she didn't like leading a public life after The Bachelor aired, and she often butt heads with critics on social media.

Wetpaint shares that another show insider doubts the likelihood that Ferrell could get the gig. They say they haven't heard anything about it, and she was a difficult diva on the show. Those tidbits do sync up pretty closely to what Reality Steve has previously shared about Nikki's time on the show.

Could fans rally around Nikki Ferrell as The Bachelorette? Many would say that it seems a bit unlikely, and despite her playing along with Chris Harrison on the red carpet, it's tough to imagine her being willing to take on the role and throw herself back into the limelight, given how vocal she's been about her distaste for the attention in the past.

For now, fans will have to stay tuned and see how things play out on Chris Soules' 2015 season of The Bachelor. While Reality Steve's spoilers would indicate that one of Chris' rejects are most likely to get the gig, there are always some rumors and possibilities floating around about pulling a previous contestant back into things.

While some sources may say Nikki is being seriously considered, the show considers many possibilities at this stage of the game and most would say it's hard to believe this idea would progress too far, if it's even happening at all. However, could the show work to entice Ferrell to join Bachelor in Paradise Season 2? Some suspect that could be more of a fit.

Who would you like to see as The Bachelorette 2015 lead?

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