Golden Retriever Refused To Leave Dead Puppy, Stayed In Cemetery For Days Despite Cold Temperatures

A golden retriever refused to leave her dead puppy. The mother and pup were spotted at a cemetery in Savannah, Georgia. Hunter Cone and his mother brought the golden retriever food during the grieving canine’s vigil in extremely cold weather.

The golden retriever that refused to leave its dead puppy was photographed by Hunter Cone, the images have now gone viral. Several days after being spotted at the Savannah cemetery, the golden retriever dug a hole with her paws, buried her dead puppy, and ran away from the Laurel Grove North Cemetery burial grounds.

“At first I was like, ‘jeez, that’s pretty hard and that’s pretty heavy.’ It made me feel really depressed and upset. That’s something I didn’t want to see, but I’m kind of glad I did,” Hunter Cone told WTOC News. The Laurel Grove North Cemetery is one of the most historic cemeteries in Savannah. “I mean, the dog braced through the cold, starvation and thirst to stay with its dead puppy. I don’t want there to be another dead dog in the cemetery,” said Cone. “As ironic as it sounds. It’s still very sad.If this doesn’t prove that dogs have feelings just like humans do, I don’t think anything else will,” Cone added.

A budding photographer, Cone on an outing with his camera and his mother when he happened across the golden retriever grieving for her dead puppy. The dog found in the historic Savannah cemetery was weak and timid but accepted the food and water the mother and son offered.

Golden retriever
Golden retriever refuses to leave her dead puppy in Savannah, Georgia cemetery.

As a steep temperature drop was predicted for Wednesday evening, Hunter Cone and his mother knew the golden retriever needed shelter. They tried to lure her away from the dead puppy with food and water but their loving gestures were solidly rebuked by the grieving dog. The only thing which appeared to offer her comfort and calmness was seeing another puppy similar to hers, brought to the cemetery and placed close by. But the puppy decoy attempt also failed to coax the golden retriever mother away from the side of her dead puppy.

golden retriever savannah
Golden retriever in Laurel North Cemetery in Savannah, Georgia?

When, and only when the golder retriever felt her vigil should come to an end did she bury the puppy and run away from the Laurel Grove North Cemetery in Savannah.

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