Law Enforcement Appreciation Day: #LEAD Hashtag Gets Hijacked

Friday, January 9 has been named as Law Enforcement Appreciation Day, or LEAD. However, those who’ve been expressing their displeasure with the way police departments have handled certain cases lately aren’t taking a break from that expression. Instead, they’ve hijacked the hashtag #LEAD that was started for the pro-police campaign, and are using it to share their feelings — as well as numerous links to stories about cases where law enforcement is argued to have gotten it wrong.

The hashtag was intended to promote posts like these.

However, a scan through the hashtag’s timeline on Twitter doesn’t show much law enforcement appreciation. Instead, it’s filled with images and videos like these.

The hashtag is being attached to posts of studies and stories describing officer-involved shootings — especially certain recent high-profile ones.

Many of the posts are simply text statements to express opinions opposed to appreciation for law enforcement.

I wish someone would #LEAD cops to a new way of thinking where they don’t shoot #LEAD at innocent black people

— Long Beach (@Bruce_Smith562) January 9, 2015

If Law Enforcement Appreciation Day was intended as a Public Relations move to counteract the current widespread sentiment about police, it looks like the public isn’t getting distracted.

[photo credit: ZORIN DENU via photopin]