'Dance Moms' Drama: Christi Lukasiak Defends Chloe, Family As Season 5 Premieres

Dance Moms Season 5 premiered this week, and fans are glad to have the show back. Everybody was anxious to see how things would play out regarding Abby Lee Miller, Chloe Lukasiak, and Chloe's mom, Christi, and there were definitely fireworks. Abby had a lot to say, and it wasn't all nice. Christi shared her thoughts via social media throughout the show, and she didn't hold back.

As fans saw, Christi and Chloe did indeed stay away from the Abby Lee Dance Company after things got rough in the Season 4 finale. Miller didn't mince words about her thoughts, but neither did Chloe's mom Christi as the show aired. Lukasiak said that she was using social media to tell the truth without being edited and she had plenty more to say.

Lukasiak tweeted, "Funny thing is: my daughter was being bullied. Abby made fun of her FACE. I said 'enough' and NOONE ever checked on us. And I'm the bad guy?"

Other social media posts from Christi throughout the Season 5 Dance Moms premiere included notes that they were total lies being told about Chloe, which were a new low, and that Chloe not being on the show had nothing to do with the family's scheduled events. Christi also said that she thinks Chloe got one phone call, and she responded to it.

After the show, Lukasiak said that if tweets are a storyline, then the show has a really boring cast. Christi said she wants the family to be left alone, and they are tired of being Abby's fodder.

Despite leaving the ALDC, Chloe is still dancing, and by the looks of things, she's doing better than ever. Lukasiak is dancing at another studio now and she's been posting videos via YouTube. She's been traveling a lot to different events, and by all accounts, she seems happy and content with what she's doing now.

Will Dance Moms manage to flourish this season despite the departure of the Lukasiak family and the legal drama involving the Hylands? As Deadline notes, the ratings were down for the Season 5 premiere, compared to many prior shows. The ratings were down 25 percent, compared to the Season 4 premiere, though the ratings were up compared to the July Season 4 mid-season return. The highest the show has had was the Season 3 premiere in January 2013.

While many fans have been sorry to see Christi and Chloe Lukasiak leave the show, it sounds as if they are doing well, and it was a great decision on their part. Now many will be curious to see how Dance Moms does as Season 5 moves forward with new faces in the mix of things.

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