Arab Newspapers React To 'Charlie Hebdo' Attacks With Cartoons Of Their Own

The Charlie Hebdo cartoons that made the satire newspaper subject to attacks from militant Muslim gunmen and led to the deaths of 12 staffers have been honored by what some might feel are unlikely sources.

On the heels of one gunman's capture and the deaths of the other two at the hands of police, Arab newspapers have been unleashing some cartoons of their own to celebrate free speech. On Friday, these cartoons quickly shot to the front page of Reddit, sending a loud and clear message that violence against free speech should not be tolerated no matter what the culture.

Here are several of the popular salutes to the Charlie Hebdo cartoons.

From Lebanon's An Nahar

Charlie Hebdo Salute 7

Translation: "But... he called me a terrorist!"

Charlie Hebdo Salute 6

Translation: "This is how we get revenge on the cartoonists' killer"

From Qatar's Al-Arabi Al-Jadeed

Charlie Hebdo Salute 5

From Makhlouf in Al-Masry Al-Youm

Charlie Hebdo Salute 4

Translation: "In support of Charlie Hebdo..."

From Lebanon's Al Akhbar

Charlie Hebdo Salute 3

Translation: "Freedom up in the air"

From Anwar in Al-Masry Al-Youm

Charlie Hebdo Salute 2

Translation: "Long live satire!"

From Moroccan paper express solidarity

Charlie Hebdo Salute 1

Translation: "Freedom" is written in blood, "Journalism law" is written on the knife

Many outside the Arab communities are praising these acts against Wednesday's terrorist attacks.

"I love that the entire world agrees that what happened is totally f***ed up and bands together for free speech," said one commenter.

Others agreed.

"I would imagine it would take some courage for the editors and illustrators to publish this material for a Muslim publication. Well done! +1"

"I hope this was the last straw for religious people everywhere. One thing to take offence, completely different one to kill for it."

"I like how they express solidarity using caricatures that do not further denigrate the religion or the Prophet."

"But...but...if Muslims around the world condemn the attacks, how can I bash them publicly without losing my fake Internet points?"

The show of solidarity for the Charlie Hebdo cartoons and the artists who gave their lives to create them is a relief to many who have been hearing a lot of anti-Islam sentiment coming out of the attacks.

Still, others like Bill Maher feel that the animosity towards the religion over this attack, and others, is completely deserved.

Wherever you fall in the debate, you have to admit, as one commenter did, that it took some courage to come out against what happened in Paris.

What do you think about these efforts to honor the Charlie Hebdo cartoons? Sound off in our comments section.

[Images via Imgur]