John Jonchuck: Disturbing Behavior Prior To Daughter’s Death May Indicate That He Didn’t Just ‘Snap’

On January 8, John Jonchuck made national headlines after he threw his 5-year-old daughter off of a Florida bridge just after midnight on Thursday, January 8. The devastating news of the child’s horrific death has everyone asking one particular question: Why?

The Huffington Post reports Jonchuck had a good relationship with his daughter Phoebe, and their love for each other was mutual. Surprisingly, he also had full custody of her due to her mother’s medical condition. So, why on earth would he throw his innocent daughter off of a bridge? Did he just “snap?”

Investigators have been working diligently to come up with a substantial motive that would explain Jonchuck’s volatile actions. Now, a number of shocking claims have been revealed, and it seems Jonchuck definitely had some underlying issues that may have went unnoticed by some. However, there were a few people who did notice his odd disposition and questionable behavior.

According to NBC News, Jonchuck’s behavior prior to his daughter’s death has been described as “unsettling” and “disturbing.” It has also been reported that he seemed “out of his mind” days prior to Phoebe’s death. Linda Mattos, one of Phoebe’s daycare instructors, recently recounted her experiences with Jonchuck, and her interactions with him are definitely questionable. According to ABC Action News, Mattos categorized Jonchuck with one chilling word: vengeful.

“He seemed like the kind of person who was happy as long as everything was going his way, but as soon as there was a bump in the road it was, who can I go after? Who can I make suffer for something that I didn’t get, you know?”

Mattos revealed she’d opened her home to Jonchuck and his daughter when they were homeless back in 2013. He reportedly lost his job following a back injury, and could no longer pay for shelter. However, things took a turn for the worse when Mattos began seeing the unfavorable side of John Jonchuck. After numerous arguments, Mattos told him he needed to leave, but he tried to get revenge by contacting child protective services to hurt her daycare business.

“He was very revengeful,” she said. “He tried to ruin me. He does the Jekyll and Hyde. It’s just something that goes on in his head, he just wasn’t wired right,” she said.

Mattos recalled the domestic issues involving Jonchuck and Phoebe’s mother Michelle Kerr. The two reportedly fought often, and have extensive wrap sheets consisting of domestic violence allegations and restraining orders against each other.

Mattos also revealed how she personally stepped in to help Jonchuck gain full custody of Phoebe. But according to, that same attorney who helped him win full custody actually questioned his behavior as well. Genevieve Torres, the attorney who handled Jonchuck’s paternity case, recently revealed she’d actually expressed concerns shortly before Jonchuck’s horrific act.

According to the Seattle Times, his words and actions were so unsettling Torres contacted local authorities. She even stated that she’d wondered whether she should have even allowed the child to leave with him. Their meeting was approximately 12 hours before the bridge incident. He reportedly referred to her as “God” and asked if she could have the bible translated in Swedish, which made her question his mental stability. But, that’s not all. His chilling words also forebode finality. When she asked if he’d like her to file more custody papers on his behalf, he basically told her it wouldn’t be necessary.

“It’s not going to matter anymore,” Jonchuck allegedly said.

If the allegations about Jonchuck’s mental state are true, the claims could indicate that he didn’t just “snap.” Evidently, Jonchuck’s behavior has been questionable for quite some time. A previous CNN report shed light on why people “snap” and kill. The psychological analysis revealed although the “snap” may seem like a “total surprise,” there was most likely a psychological buildup that progressed over time. The psychological buildup goes through stages before the person actually snaps and kills. Dr. Peter Ash, director of the Psychiatry and Law Service at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia explained the mental stages that lead to violence. Then, Dr. Charles Raison also discussed the “eerie composure” a person may develop if they’ve decided to kill.

“There’s a pathway to violence that starts with some thinking and then fantasizing about a plan,” Dr. Ash explained. “There may be a more explicit planning phase that other people don’t particularly notice.”

“A person who has already decided to kill someone else may develop an “eerie composure,” firmly believing that the moment to turn back has passed.”

Although the CNN analysis explains the stages that lead to “snapping” another assessment argues that people don’t really “snap.” A Forbes analysis describes snapping as “sliding” because a person with mental issues will only get worse with time if the illness is left untreated. The analysis, which explains a “psychotic break with reality,” argues that difference between snapping and sliding. Jonchuck referring to his attorney as “God” definitely denotes a psychotic break from reality, and his alleged words of finality can definitely be described as “eerie composure.” But, what do you think happened?

Do you think John Jonchuck “snapped,” or was there always something unsettling about him that went unnoticed? Share your thoughts.

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