June 29, 2017
'The Voices' Trailer Makes Ryan Reynolds Take Advice From ... What Now? [Video]

The Voices trailer has been released, and it looks like it could be the next big dark comedy, though it feels like we may have seen it all before.

Ryan Reynolds, star of movies as varied as Van Wilder: Party Liaison, The Green Lantern, Buried, and The Proposal, is about to jump back into comedy with his trademark style of humor. This time, he plays the well-meaning Jerry Hickfang, who may or may not suffer from a serious mental illness.

Recycling the concept of the talking pet from many family films, The Voices takes it to darker places. Jerry seems to have the ability to hear what his pets are saying, with the cat telling him to do evil things and the dog being the benevolent one.

The beginning of the Voices trailer has Jerry clashing with a coworker over a bout of bad singing, and Jerry tries to smooth things over with a backhanded compliment. The trailer cuts to him talking to a psychiatrist, who we later learn has given him medication to help him stop the voices.

Then Jerry finds himself falling for the beautiful Fiona (Gemma Arterton), but the cat tells him she is out of his league and he must kill her to feel truly alive.

Jerry tells the psychiatrist that Mr. Whiskers makes him do bad things, and she guesses that he stopped taking his medication.

He replies, "Totally."

As the trailer progresses, we find that Jerry Hickfang has become a serial killer who keeps his victims in his apartment. The film will apparently use his urges, led by the cat, as a basis for its dark humor.

After the cinematic failures of his superhero roles, Ryan Reynolds is probably going to need a strong comeback. We can only hope that his casting as the lead in The Voices will bring him back, reminding us that he can be funny when he tries.

What do you think of the Voices trailer?

[Image via Teaser-Trailer]