Bruce Jenner Has Breasts? New Photos Of Jenner Cause Boob Job Rumors To Surface

Does Bruce Jenner have breasts? According to Radar Online, the reality star and former Olympian stepped out on January 9 with a “bigger bust line,” suggesting that he may have gotten breast implants as part of his alleged transformation into a woman. While the site seems to insist that Bruce, 65, now has breasts, commenters bashed the article saying that his body is going through natural hormonal changes due to his age.

“The pecs of the former Olympian’s glory days were nowhere to be seen as he debuted this perky profile,” Radar Online captioned one of the photos they posted.

And while it does look as though Bruce has a bit more chest than he ever did before, there is nothing obvious that points to a boob job.

This Bruce Jenner rumor has surfaced just two weeks after he was spotted pumping gas with a French manicure on his nails. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Bruce has been known to visit the nail salon from time to time, and has even been spotted out with red/pink nails in the past. For the most part, men who keep up with their fingernails opt for clear polish if any at all. Bruce, however, seems to like adding color to his nails… and while there isn’t anything wrong with his decision to do so, it makes the media go crazy.

Bruce has also been accused of wearing Spanx, wearing a sports bra, and shaving his legs, all of which have contributed to the never-ending rumors that he wants to be woman. And who could forget that Jenner willingly went under the knife to have his Adam’s apple shaved down?

Recently, Us Weekly couldn’t help but notice that Bruce is letting his hair grow longer than ever before.


“Jenner’s looks have been the subject of much scrutiny over the past year or so, ever since he and ex-wife Kris Jenner ended their 22-year marriage in October 2013. Recent photos show him with manicured nails and diamond earrings.”

Do you think Bruce Jenner had a boob job? What do you make about the rumors surrounding his sexuality?

[Photo courtesy of E! via ABC News]