Parents Arrested After Posting Pics of Kids Bound With Duct Tape on Facebook

Attention potential criminals. Facebook is not the proper medium to brag about your crimes.

Earlier this month a father in Chicago posted a picture of his daughter wrapped in duct tape with the caption “This is wut happens wen my baby hits me back.” Last week, a teenager from Pittsburgh was arrested after bragging about his latest theft on Facebook. Today’s social network challenged criminals come from Arizona.

An Arizona couple was arrested after posting photos on Facebook of their two young children bound by duct tape. The children, a 2-year-old and a 10-month-old, had their hands and feet bound and their mouths taped with duct tape. The couple, Kayla Almunia, 19, and Frankie Almunia, 20, told the police that the photos were a joke.

Coconino County Sheriff’s Commander Rex Gilliland told ABC:

“I don’t know how anyone can rationalize or believe that this behavior is in any way funny or a joke… Law enforcement believes that this is an act of child abuse.”

According to ABC, Kayla posted the pictures to Facebook on Wednesday night. One of her Facebook friends saw the photos and called the police.

Police say that they found 10 more photos on Kayla’s phone. Officials say that there was no evidence that the children had been abused prior to the incident, but did say that bondage incident had been traumatic for the children.

Gilliland said:

“In one photo, the child did appear to be extremely frightened and fearful and in a later one appeared to be crying.”

The children were initially taken by Child Protective Services but were later released to”suitable family members.”

Have you ever seen criminal activity on Facebook? Did you report it?