Ryan Fye Awaits His Fate After Facebook Post Lands Him In Hot Water

Ryan Fye is waiting to head back to court next week, after a judge ruled that a post he made on Facebook following his release from prison violated the terms of his parole. People Magazine reported that the man was released from prison after six and a half months of a three-year sentence. He pled guilty to the crime of aggravated vehicular homicide and vehicular assault for an incident that happened in 2013. Fye was driving the car at the time, and it was revealed he was speeding when he slammed into a tree. During that incident, William Fekete died and four others were injured.

On December 9, Fye was released from jail, and the first thing he did was visit Facebook. He wrote a post and included a photo of himself flipping off the camera with both hands.

“Prison didn’t break me. It MADE me. I’m free. I’m a new man. Don’t come at like before. Yes I’m skinny and muscular now. 7 months of working out everyday. Love my real friends and fam. Shout outs to my fam behind bars. I’ll see ya when you’re time is near! Miss you brothers!”

The family of William Fakete and Judge Richard McMonagle saw that post, and the post amused no one. The judge from Cuyahoga County, Ohio, ordered that Fye return to prison to serve out the rest of his three-year sentence. According to the New York Daily News, the judge felt that the man’s post violated “community control sanctions of his probation.” That judge has retired since making that ruling, and a new judge will hear Fye’s case on January 15.

Fye’s Facebook post also angered the family of William Fekete. Vilmos Fekete, the father of the 22-year-old victim of Fye’s crime, spoke out about Ryan, and shared his reaction to the man’s Facebook post with an ABC News affiliate in Ohio.

“You get released from jail after six and a half months and this is the first thing you do. [He could say] I’m sorry about what happened. He doesn’t have to believe it. Just send something… he never apologized.”

Michael Stepanik, the attorney representing Ryan Fye, admitted that the post was not a “good idea” on the part of his client.

“Committing a crime is a probation violation, not abiding by the rules is a probation violation. Mr. Fye didn’t do any of those things.”

Fye did return to his Facebook page to share another post defending the post that landed him in trouble with the judge.

“For everyone who has seen the photo of me saying ‘hi’ to my haters. I hope you all don’t take it the wrong way. Because many people are making it a big deal for some reason and won’t leave me alone about it. Its directed towards all the Fake friends I had and have, all the people trying to snoop and talk shit about me like I’m some sort of monster. It has NOTHING to do with my case what so ever nor the parties involved in my case. It’s a simple gesture to those who hate me, those who always called me fat, the ones who dawned on me, and of course me saying ‘f**k prison’ cause prison isn’t something I would wish upon my biggest enemy. Don’t judge a book by its cover unless you plan on reading the whole book. Have a good day everyone!”

Fye kept his Facebook followers updated on his life after his release, but his last post was on December 21. He is now behind bars waiting for his next hearing.


Ryan is not the only man to get in trouble with the law over something he said on Facebook. The Inquisitr reported recently that police arrested Aries Woodfin, a man living in Illinois, after someone reported him for making threats against the police on Facebook. When police arrived at his home, they found a.45-caliber pistol and several rounds of ammunition at the location. He was arrested and charged with “weapons possession, assault, having a firearm without a valid permit, and disorderly conduct.”

Beatrice Franklin, the woman that Woodfin lives with, tried to defend his post on Facebook.

“He was speaking his mind. He was expressing how he felt, which is what everyone else was doing on Facebook as well, expressing themselves. They were ranting and they were raving.”

It is becoming clear that things people say on social media can have an impact on their lives. Ryan Fye is now waiting to learn his fate. What do you think of his post? Should he be sent back to prison to finish out his sentence over the words he shared on social media?

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