Anjem Choudary Says Muslims Don’t Believe In Free Speech, Taunts TV Host, ‘Are You Jewish?’

Anjem Choudary, the hate-filled Muslim preacher who lauded the 9/11 terrorists as “magnificent martyrs,” is continuing his whistle-stop tour of international media, spreading his poisonous, intolerant beliefs around the globe.

In a letter published in USA Today, the Islamic preacher of hate declared that “Islam does not mean peace” and “Muslims do not believe in the concept of freedom of expression.”

Warming to his theme, Choudary asserted that “Muslims consider the honor of the Prophet Muhammad to be dearer to them than that of their parents or even themselves. To defend it is considered to be an obligation upon them.”

“Whoever insults a Prophet kill him.”

Despite Anjem Choudary’s current fame as a hard line Muslim cleric, friends recently revealed that Anjem, or “Andy” as he was known to his friends, was a beer swilling, pot smoking sex addict.

“When I knew him, he liked to be called Andy, would often smoke cannabis spliffs all day, and was proud of his ability to down a pint of cider in a couple of seconds. And he was ruthless with girls.”

Typically, in the wake of a barbaric terrorist act, Choudary has increased his presence in recent days in order to maximize the impact of his controversial statements.

The US & their allies have been murdering 1000’s of Muslims in Iraq/Afghanistan & torturing them for their false gods of freedom & democracy

— Anjem Choudary (@anjemchoudary) January 9, 2015

And so it was when he appeared on the Steve Malzberg Show on NewsmaxTV, to discuss matters relating to the Charlie Hebdo terrorist attack. In typically insensitive fashion, Choudary insisted Charlie Hebdo was wrong to publish cartoons of the Muslim prophet Muhammed.

But right from the outset of the conversation, Malzberg confronted Choudary and asked him why he had quizzed NewsmaxTV producers before the show on whether the host was Jewish.

“I just want to make clear, you asked before we went on air, you said my name sounded Jewish, and I told you it was. Is that problematic for you in any way?”

“It just makes me understand the reality of the people I’m dealing with,” Choudary told Malzberg.

Malzberg proudly asserted that he is Jewish and an outspoken supporter of Israel, stating he was against “Christians around the world being slaughtered by Muslims.”

Choudary flippantly said the Paris massacre was an “inevitable” response to the cartoons. Asked why it’s “only Islam” that reacts violently against mockery, Choudary seemed lost for words.

“The Americans, the Israelis, are the biggest terrorists. They kill more people than these people in Paris,” he said.

Anjem Choudary is a despised figure in Britain, known as an increasingly prominent spokesman for radical Islam.

When recently asked if he was aware he was likely the most reviled man in Britain, he said, “That’s a badge I would wear with pride.”

Choudary has never held a job while residing in the U.K. preferring to live at the expense of honest taxpayers and has openly mocked hard working westerners as “slaves.”

A profoundly dangerous individual, Anjem Choudary appears intent on radicalizing the young and impressionable. In a week where much debate has centered around free speech, how much longer should Choudary be allowed to continue his tour of hate?

[Image: Underground Magazine]