Kayla Marie Jones, Mom Who Killed 6-Year-Old Daughter, Found Mentally Ill, Incompetent To Stand Trial

A 25-year-old woman arrested for drowning and killing her own 6-year-old daughter a day before Christmas has been found mentally unstable and hence incompetent to stand trial. A Ramsey County judge has decided to suspend criminal proceedings on Kayla Marie Jones after it was deduced that she was mentally ill following a mental-health evaluation. According to the Star Tribune, the incarcerated mother would now be freed from the Ramsey County Jail and would be sent to the Regions Hospital for further treatment.

It was back in December that the Inquisitr reported about the horrific incident, in which Jones’ daughter, 6-year-old Azaria Jones, was killed by her own mother. Kayla had apparently drowned the child in the bathtub of their East Maynard Drive home. Kayla was arrested at the scene and was charged the very next day with second-degree murder.

Upon interrogation, Kayla Jones told police officers that she decided to kill her daughter to “save her from this world.” She claimed that she had received an instruction to “save the child,” and did so only to save her child.

On Thursday, Ramsey County Attorney John Choi issued a statement.

“Obviously, this is a tremendously sad and tragic case involving a 6-year-old girl. The judge’s decision is a part of the process to determine a just outcome. As for now the criminal proceeding has been suspended; the criminal process may, however, resume again and we are considering all of our options.”

It is now known that Kayla had undergone treatment for bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. She was also suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder and depression, revealed her brother.

With the court finding Kayla incompetent to stand trial, she could not be tried in the court of law under Minnesota law, as they deem her incapable of understanding court proceedings or helping with the defense.

Kayla will undergo subsequent mental evaluations to ascertain when she would be competent enough to stand trial for the murder of her daughter. Earlier, Kayla’s boyfriend (who is not the father of the child) told police officers that he did know about her medical condition, but did not have a clue as to things would get this bad.

“I knew she was crazy, but I didn’t think she would do this,” he told police officers who arrived on the scene.

After he confronted her and asked why she had done it, Kayla simply said “I had to do it,” according to the affidavit from police.

Over 300 people attended the funeral for Azaria which was held last Saturday, reports In Forum.

[Image Via KMSP]