Mark Wahlberg’s Wife Rips Justin Bieber’s Abs In Calvin Klein Ad: ‘Wow, the Retouching’

Justin Bieber has all of his fans and the world in a tizzy after baring a lot of skin in the new Calvin Klein ads with Lara Stone. One woman isn’t a fan though, and thinks his pictures aren’t anything to get excited about. Mark Wahlberg’s wife believes that her husband did it better over 20 years ago, and he didn’t need to have the pics touched up.

That’s right, as Entertainment Tonight reported, Mark Wahlberg’s wife Rhea let the world know that Justin Bieber’s pics in boxer briefs aren’t that exciting. She also took a shot at the heartthrob singer.

mark wahlberg justin bieber

She is, of course, referring to the Calvin Klein ads from way back in 1993 when Mark Wahlberg posed in the same way and he did them first. He partnered up with a topless Kate Moss and posed for Calvin Klein in pictures that sent women swooning. Rhea made sure to help out anyone that wanted to see his pics.

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She’s proud of her husband and the way he looked then and the way he looks now. Rhea has no shame in being married to Mark Wahlberg, and she shouldn’t for that matter. She continued her barrage on Twitter by throwing out one more jab at Justin Bieber.

mark wahlberg justin bieber

It may be pointless to say, but the Beliebers out there jumped on Rhea and began letting her know just how wrong her words were. They were incredibly angry, according to US Magazine, and ripped into her. Some of Justin Bieber’s fans were a bit more kind and Rhea let it be known that she has “no ill will against anyone.” She’s biased for Mark Wahlberg, and let the fans know that she is just making a statement.

mark wahlberg justin bieber

Even by Thursday evening, she was still having to tweet back to all of those that were on her case about her words.

If everyone would take a step back and just relax, they would realize that both Calvin Klein ads had their time and both men are all right with everything. Justin Bieber even tweeted that he had spoken to Mark Wahlberg and they discussed the similarities in their shoots and ads.

bieber wahlberg tweet

Mark Wahlberg hasn’t really spoken out on the whole thing just yet, but according to Justin Bieber, all is good. It’s well known that the Beliebers are quite adoring about their singer.

One can’t help or blame Rhea for being the same way for her guy.

[Image via Calvin Klein]