WWE News: WWE Superstars And Writers Frustrated With Vince McMahon

Aaron Sass

For nearly three months WWE's flagship show, Monday Night RAW, has been nearly unbearable, and it appears that Vince McMahon is the culprit, as he's re-writing every single show just two hours before they go on the air, because he never likes the show the 20-something WWE writers put together.

Back in December, Vince McMahon appeared on "Stone Cold" Steve Austin's podcast, and Austin asked McMahon why there's so many writers on WWE's payroll now. McMahon answered by telling Austin "Things have evolved since you left." Those watching the interview could tell from Austin's body language that he was annoyed with that answer, and wanted to push the issue. However, Austin showed McMahon respect and let it go.

Whenever there's a bad show or promo, the majority of WWE fans blame WWE's writing staff when they should be pointing the finger at Vince McMahon. Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer has reported that Vince will constantly change his mind, and end up re-writing everything on the show. Sometimes, as mentioned before, he'll re-write an entire show just one or two hours before RAW goes live.

Due to McMahon's constant mind-changing, WWE writers have become frustrated with McMahon, feeling that there's no point in them being there if McMahon is just going to constantly change everything. There are also a handful of WWE superstars that have grown frustrated with McMahon's inability to stick to a plan as well.

Many WWE fans feel like the best example of McMahon hurting the current WWE product is NXT, which is the only thing WWE-related that McMahon isn't involved in at all, and is by far the most logical and entertaining show WWE has to offer.

There have been a lot of people, including former WWE superstar CM Punk, who have called Vince McMahon out-of-touch with the WWE fans. Last year, McMahon thought that Randy Orton vs. Batista would be the biggest WrestleMania main-event of all time, while blatantly ignoring how WWE fans were responding to Daniel Bryan. McMahon finally gave into the fans at the last minute, and added Bryan to the WrestleMania main-event. But, McMahon never wanted Bryan to be there, because in his eyes, Bryan can never be on John Cena's level because of how he looks.

At this year's WrestleMania, McMahon is looking to make Roman Reigns the new "Face of WWE" regardless of how the fans react to him, just because Reigns fits McMahon's vision of what a star should look like. However, McMahon is going to be hit with the same problem he had last year with Daniel Bryan returning, and there's a good chance that McMahon will completely ignore how the fans are reacting to Bryan, and stick to the Roman Reigns plan, no matter how ugly it gets.

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