Sisters Give Birth 15 Minutes Apart: Not Planned, But Sisters Say It's A 'Blessing'

Two sisters give birth 15 minutes apart, both having daughters, Tuesday morning. Yely Gonzalez, 23, and her sister Estafany, 22, were in labor at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. The older sister began having contractions first while the doctor was examining her. Estafany wasn't due for another several days, but the baby had other plans. Within minutes, Estafany went into labor as well.

According to ABC News, the two sisters gave birth 15 minutes apart. Fox News Latino reports it as being 17 minutes apart. This reportedly kept their mother busy as she went from room-to-room helping her daughters and new granddaughters.

None of this was planned, Yely and Estafany say. They find it a true blessing that they gave birth on the same day. Moreover, the two women already have a 2-year-old each, are best friends, and live a few minutes away from each other.

The sisters are from the Dominican Republic and Yely speaks no English. Estafany speaks some English and was able to help translate for everyone.

Marjorie was born at 8:12 a.m. to Estafany, and Alette was born at 8:29 a.m. to Yely, according to the hospital. A spokesperson told Fox News Latino that both mothers and babies are all "happy and healthy."

Yely and Estafany hope that their new daughters will be close cousins and share as strong of a bond as they do as sisters.

WNCT 9 reported on twins sisters who gave birth seven minutes apart in Virginia back in July, 2013. In December, 2011, another set of twin sisters gave birth just 13 minutes apart. One of the sisters wasn't due for another few weeks, but fate had other plans when she went into labor soon after her twin did. The New Jersey sisters were born only 12 minutes apart themselves when they were delivered 27 years ago.

In other interesting baby news for the first week of January, Inquisitr covered a story about a woman who experienced stomach pains and went to the hospital. After a series of tests, she was informed that she was pregnant and gave birth just one hour later.

Close sisters and twin sisters share a special kind of bond. The fact that there are sisters giving birth minutes apart like this make you wonder what else is at play for such a major coincidence to happen. There might be more to sibling relationships than anyone realizes.

[Photo Credit: Hospital of the University Of Pennsylvania via ABC News]