Boy Thinks He Got Girlfriend Pregnant With A Kiss, Reaction Goes Viral

The boy in this video thinks that he got his girlfriend pregnant just by kissing her.

At least, that is what his 24-year-old father wants him to believe in this now-viral prank video.

As the father explains to his young son that he got his girlfriend pregnant by kissing her, the little boy becomes overwhelmed with emotions — and even starts to cry.

Instead of ending the prank early, the boy’s father takes the prank further and further, developing the story of his son getting his girlfriend pregnant more and more.

For instance, he mentions that the little boy is having a girl and asks whether or not his son wants to name his future daughter after his own mother. He also reminds him of the responsibilities involved with raising his new bundle of joy — including the need to get a job.

When you watch the video, you will more than likely have more than just a few “Ahhh!” moments. However, there is also a bright side to the video that you should pay attention to as well.

It is obviously clear that the little boy has no idea how babies are really made — especially since he thought that he could get someone pregnant just by kissing them. However, seeing that the young boy was quick to step up to the responsibility — admitting that he would need to get a job and even work with his father to do so.

The video was originally posted by “Yonas” on World Star Hip-Hop. As of right now, the footage of the little boy that thought he got his girlfriend pregnant just by kissing her has been viewed more than 420,000 times and shared over 3,000 times.

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