Lisan Goines: Steve Kroft’s Alleged Mistress

Lisan Goines, a graduate of Harvard Law School, is the name identified as the mistress of 60 Minutes correspondent Steve Kroft, the International Business Times recently reported. IBT reports that the New York Post also identified and reported on Lisan Goines being involved in an affair with Kroft.

“I had an extramarital affair (with Lisan Goines) that was a serious lapse of personal judgment and extremely hurtful to my wife and family, and for that I have nothing but regret,” Kroft said in a statement to the New York Post that did not identify Lisan Goines as his mistress. “My wife and I are committed to each other and are working hard to get past this, and consider it a private matter.”

Lisan Goines and Kroft were allegedly in the relationship for three years, one that included having dinner and drinks together and exchanging “sext” messages via texting.

Lisan Goines, a 41-year-old New York-based lawyer, reportedly messaged to Kroft, “Don’t work too hard this week bc I wanna wear you out afterward.”

Kroft also allegedly guzzled champagne from Lisan Goines’ backside, reports the online magazine Gawker. This was one of many incidents reported to have happened between Goines and Kroft during the three-year affair.

Gawker reported that during one sexting session, Kroft allegedly cooed to Goines, “Miss you and all that goes with it. Especially my favorite tastes and colors… pink and brown.”

Another time, the 69-year-old newsman asked Goines, 41, “What exactly would be your preference?”

“U all over and deep inside of me,” Goines responded.

Goines, who is 41 and married, allegedly ended the affair because she felt Kroft had become too needy.

“Lisan never wanted him to leave his wife, and she never contemplated leaving her husband and she told him it was best that it end,” Gawker reported.


People Magazine also reported that Kroft admitted to having the affair with Lisan Goines.

Regarding the affair with Goines, People quoted Kroft as saying, “This was a personal failure, not a professional one, and had no impact whatsoever on my job as a journalist.”

The affair with Goines raises questions about Kroft’s credibility as a journalist in the eyes of some, because he had reported on and questioned Bill Clinton over his alleged womanizing in 1992.

Ironically, Jay Leno appeared on 60 Minutes last year and said everyone in entertainment gets “screwed,” the Inquisitr reported. Leno wasn’t addressing the Lisan Goines alleged affair with Steve Kroft when he made the comments.

[Images of Lisan Goines and Steve Kroft from Gawker]