Oklahoma School Cancels Classes After Kindergartner Dies Of Mysterious Illness

An Oklahoma school cancelled classes when kindergartner Jenny Yang died of a mysterious illness after being sent home with a fever. Oologah-Talala Lower Elementary School in Oklahoma cancelled classes on Thursday due to panic from parents, according to the district superintendent. The cause of Jenny Yang’s death still remains unknown.

On Monday evening, Jenny Yang, 6, suddenly passed away after presenting with a high fever earlier in the day. The following day, more than half the students at Oologah-Talala Lower Elementary School did not show up for class. The cause of Yang’s death will not likely be determined, until the medical examiner garners toxicology results and files a complete autopsy report.

A GoFundMe page created in Jenny Yang’s name by her brother says that the kindergarten girl was found unresponsive on Monday evening after she fell asleep on the couch upon returning from school. Yang’s parents called for an ambulance that rushed her to the hospital — where she was pronounced dead upon arrival.

Yang’s immigrant parents arrived in the United States in 2005, and were traveling at the time of the little girl’s death. Jenny was one of seven children in the family.

“She’s never been sick. She’s such an outgoing child. One day she’s here and the net day she’s not here anymore,” her uncle, Xiong Yang, told local KOKI-TV News.

Although it is remains unknown if it was a communicable disease that caused Jenny Yang’s death, superintendent Max Tanner said the Oologah-Talala Lower Elementary School and the Oklahoma school district are going to continue to follow the advice of both county and state health officials.

The Jenny Yang GoFundMe page has raised more than $7,100 to cover the child’s funeral costs and help the family in just a few days.

An excerpt from the Jenny Yang page reads, “Having a sibling is a precious moment missed. Shortly, our little sister have left this world and we pray that she is safe in heaven, where the lord above watches over her now. Our little angle lived life too short and was taken from us too soon at age 6. We are a happy family of 9. Jenny is the youngest of 7 children. She is very outgoing, talkative, and loves to brighten up your day. She also loves to make friends and loves meeting new faces. Our family came to USA in 2005, with that we know very little about the way of life in the USA. With uneducated parents, we were unprepared for this tragedy. Who knew it would be our precious angel. We are in need of any donation. Please make any donations. Thank you for your help and support.”

What do you think happened to Jenny Yang? Do you support the school’s decision to cancel classes?