Nicole Kidman Reveals All About First Time She Met Jimmy Fallon [Video]

Boy was Jimmy Fallon’s face red when Nicole Kidman was on The Tonight Show Tuesday. It turns out they had met before, but both had totally different recollections of that meeting. In fact, it turns out Jimmy blew the chance to actually date Kidman.

Kidman, 47, was on The Tonight Show, promoting her new Paddington movie. The first thing Fallon did was to ask her if she remembered meeting him before. Boy, was that a mistake. Yes, Nicole remembered it like it was yesterday, but encouraged Fallon to tell his recollection first.

Fallon, 40, recalled walking in the street when his friend Rick phoned him, telling him Nicole Kidman wanted to come over and meet him. This was apparently around 10 years ago, although their memory of the timing was not clear. Apparently Rick thought Kidman was interested in Fallon appearing in the upcoming film, Bewitched or something.

A blog in the Wall Street Journal reports Fallon then asked his friend what he should do. His friend told him to get some cheese and crackers or something. He said all he had over at his apartment was video games and sneakers. Fallon had no idea what cheese to get, his friend said Brie. Fallon had no idea what Brie was, but tried his best. At this stage, Kidman interjects that she liked him, to which he replied, “What?”

It turns out Nicole was actually rather interested in dating our Jimmy. She was single, had recently split from Tom Cruise and had not yet started dating her current husband, Keith Urban. Turns out that after that evening, she realized it was not to be.

She recalls him greeting her at the door in a baseball cap and sweats, and that apparently Fallon said very little before putting on a video game. She said after an hour and a half she decided there was no chemistry. Kidman said, “It was bad,” jokingly adding that she had wondered at the time if he was gay. Apparently she was offered some cheese and corn chips and some old Chinese food from the fridge. Probably not the best cuisine to attract a famous movie star.

At this stage of the interview, Fallon was so flustered he left his seat and ran off the stage, and Nicole strolled around and casually took his seat behind the desk. On his red-faced return to the stage, Jimmy headed for the couch and lay himself down. The whole story can be viewed in the video above and needless to say, the audience went wild.

According to the Daily Mail, Kidman’s new movie, Paddington opened in the U.K. in November and is set for release in the U.S. on January 16. The lady is, of course, happily married to Keith Urban since 2006 and has two children with him. Jimmy Fallon is married to his wife Nancy Juvonen, and they have two children.

It turns out Nicole Kidman is in the news for other, possibly less funny, reasons. The Inquisitr notes that the actress is currently being sued by her downstairs neighbor. She apparently neglected to drain water from some pipes in her luxury Manhattan pad before the winter set in, which ended up causing damage to her neighbor’s property.

[Image: Screengrab from YouTube video]