'Sons Of Liberty' To Emphasize Wild Side Of American Revolution

Sons of Liberty is an upcoming History Channel miniseries about the American Revolution, and according to the makers of the multi-part production, it will differ from other depictions of the Founding Fathers by emphasizing the wild side of the early years of the fight for independence.

Sons of Liberty is scheduled to air over three nights starting on January 25 on the History Channel. And the Associated Press reported that viewers can expect a lot of chaos and intrigue in this dramatization.

"'Most people think of this time as a bunch of guys in wigs who got in a room and wrote up the Declaration of Independence, but it is so much more than that,' said Dick Hoogstra, General Manager for History.

"I'm not sure people really understand how crazy it was to make the decision they made to go to war with the most powerful military in the world, being untrained and unorganized," he said.

Henry A. Otero, writing at TV Fanatic, watched part of Sons of Liberty and liked the latest take on this piece of history.

"We get a chance to see General George Washington in action leading the Continental Army, and our founding fathers draft and sign the Declaration of Independence. I get chills just thinking about these historic moments.

"Not sold yet? Well, I've previewed the first two nights, so I can tell you the acting is sensational and they've recreated the period exquisitely."

At the same time, Otero reminded his readers to "keep in mind 'historical fiction' is entertainment, this is not a documentary, so don't watch it looking to nitpick at inaccuracies."

The Los Angeles Times reported that Ben Barnes, who plays Samuel Adams in Sons of Liberty, also emphasized how the miniseries is meant to dramatize the American Revolution in a unique way.

'They were very individual characters from different backgrounds coming together — almost in the style of an 'Ocean's Eleven' team in order to work toward the independence of the country," Barnes says.

The Los Angeles Times also offered some additional details about the miniseries and noted how it fits with a recent direction of the History Channel.

"But 'Sons of Liberty' is in keeping with a trend at History toward scripted dramas, including 'Vikings,' 'The Bible,' 'Hatfields & McCoys' and 'Houdini.' In production is 'Texas Rising,' an epic about the fall of the Alamo and the birth of the Texas Rangers."
The Inquisitr previously reported on the History Channel producing Sons of Liberty along with its casting choices and additional information.

[Image via History Channel]