San Diego Woman Discovers Giant Snake In Toilet Bowl

When Stephanie Lacsa, the co-founder of a PR and marketing company based out of San Diego, California, stepped in to her office toilet earlier this week, a snake was probably the last thing on her mind. On Tuesday, after Stephanie entered the toilet, she noticed that the water level inside the toilet bowl was higher than usual, reports USA Today.

Finding something really amiss, she used the plunger on the toilet that caused the water level to drop momentarily. To her amazement, what she saw inside the toilet bowl was the stuff nightmares are made of. She clearly saw a tongue flicker and made out the clear shape of a snake’s head.

“I went to use the bathroom yesterday, and I noticed that the water levels were higher than they usually are.”

Then she saw the snake.

“I thought, No way this is possible. My eyes are deceiving me!”

Stephanie raised an alarm, ran out of the toilet and called out to her friend and business partner Holly Wells, who had gone out of office.

“You need to get back here. We have a problem!”

Within a few minutes, officials from the San Diego County Animal Control were on the scene. It was later found that the snake that had made its way inside the toilet measured over 5 and a half feet and was a member of the Boa family — a Colombian Rainbow Boa, to be precise. According to the Daily Herald, the snake was rescued from the toilet and later sent to an animal care facility where it is being cared for. There is no word on how the snake managed to get into the toilet bowl. There is also a possibility that it could have made it there using the drainage/sewage lines.


Later, Ms. Lacsa told news persons that finding a snake in a toilet has been “the most bizarre, frightening thing” she could think of happening to her.

This is not the first time the Inquisitr has reported about snakes in toilets. In 2013, we reported about the case of a man who had his penis bitten by a snake that had been hiding inside a toilet.

[Image via Twitter]