‘Once Upon A Time’ Spoilers: Complicated Relationships, Flashbacks And Jamie Dornan On A Possible Return

Once Upon a Time may not return to ABC with new episodes until March 1 (the fun new medieval musical comedy extravaganza, Galavant, is airing in its time slot this month), but that doesn’t mean that fans have to wait to find out what’s coming up next for all the complicated relationships on the show.

ETonline spoke to Once Upon a Time executive producers Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis and found out that there are some good times ahead for the show’s couples. First up, Horowitz has promised that Rumple and Belle “are not over,” despite the midseason finale ending with “a dark chapter” for them because they’re “telling a larger story and there are more chapters to come” and the two spending time apart, with Belle forcing Rumple to cross the town line. Kitsis echoed that sentiment and pointed out the different sides the midseason finale showed for the two characters.

“It’s a complicated [relationship] and I know that we’re in the middle of the book, and for us we are telling a bigger story. What we loved [in the winter finale] was seeing Belle’s strength. And we set up Rumple’s weakness.”

The Once Upon a Time midseason finale wasn’t a happy one for Regina and Robin Hood either, as the latter left town with Marian and their son when it was the only way to save her. According to Horowitz, that too is just one chapter of their story, with Kitsis teasing to “keep watching because there’s much more to come.”

While it sounds like Emma and Hook may be in the best place, relationship-wise, of the couples mentioned so far, Horowitz has shared that there are “more challenges” ahead for these two characters.

“As far as Captain Swan shippers are concerned I would say that the relationship between Emma and Hook is something we’ve been developing for a while and we’re going to continue to develop it. …You’re going to see more challenges between the two of them as the season progresses. There’s going to be some very unique, not necessarily obstacles in their relationship, but personal obstacles that will make things interesting for the two of them.”

The last couple whose future has been teased on Once Upon a Time is Snow White and Prince Charming, and Kitsis has previewed that there will be “some really fun flashbacks with them” as well as “a really interesting connection to the Queens of Darkness.” Speaking of the Queens of Darkness, check out the promo below to get a tease of what’s coming up when the series returns this spring.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, fans will get to see Emma and Regina’s relationship continuing to grow. Horowitz told ET Online that they’re going to be teaming up more in the second half of the season.

“We’re excited to explore and continue the friendship between Emma and Regina. I think we’ll continue to see them working together, probably even more than we have in the first half of the season, as they’re dealing with this new threat in Storybrooke.”

Meanwhile, there are still Once Upon a Time fans that would love to see Jamie Dornan return as Sheriff Graham, but based on what E! Online has reported that the actor has said about a possible return, while it’s not impossible, it doesn’t sound like it’s going to happen anytime soon.

“I love those guys, Adam and Eddy, they’re like family to me. I was actually filming something on the same lot as them just before Christmas. But I don’t know, [Graham] is kind of dead! …I know there are ways and means [to bring Graham back], but that’s something I’m not privy to. I know the hardcore fans want it, as well.”

Once Upon a Time season 4 continues on March 1 at 8 p.m. on ABC.

[Image via ABC]