Austin Mahone Shows Off Body In New Video Clip

Austin Mahone gave his fans a nice surprise on Wednesday morning when he posted a short video clip of him wearing nothing but long shorts and socks. The video, uploaded to his Instagram account, shows him sitting down shirtless and then doing a flip up off the ground. Just so no one misses a second of his muscles flexing and his hair whipping in the wind, the video has a slow motion effect during the flip. As he walks towards the camera, he pumps his fists in triumph.

Mahone’s impressed fans left admiring comments. Several people reminded him that he’s handsome and sexy. One person even pointed out how awesome his hair is.

The caption Mahone gave his video, “Back at it,” may be a reference to his recent hospital stay. About two weeks ago, he underwent surgery to get his tonsils removed. Even when he was in the hospital he continued to work on his music, as evidenced by a photo he posted of himself hard at work while sitting on the hospital bed in his hospital gown.

Austin Mahone’s fans may finally get a full-length album from him in the coming months. In September 2014, he told Billboard that he wants to release his first full-length album in early 2015. He said that his EP The Secret, released in May 2014, was a “side project” that he put out in order to get more music out and garner more fans.

The Secret was kind of like a little side project, basically…I was putting it out just to get some more material out there…and the style I was going for was more of that NSYNC, Backstreet Boys vibe, ’cause I knew a lot of the older girls like that, so I wanted to get some older fans as well. So I just put that out there for everyone and I definitely get a lot more people who have tweeted me and Facebooked me saying, ‘I’ve become an Austin Mahone fan now. I see he’s trying new styles and new things.’”

When it comes to his first real album, Austin said that it’ll be more adventurous. While it’ll still mostly be pop, it’ll also feature other musical styles such as EDM and R&B.

Austin Mahone’s fans may even see him becoming an actor in the new year. He told Billboard that he would love to do more acting, pointing out that he has already appeared in a few TV shows and acts in his music videos.

[Image via Flickr]