Suzy Cortez Shows Off Ravishing Locks, Sideboob In Sizzling Instagram Share

Brazilian model, influencer and fitness fanatic Suzy Cortez, who gained notoriety as a two-time Miss Bumbum pageant winner, has upped the output of sizzling video content on her Instagram feed as of late. She continued the trend on Saturday, September 12, with a stunning share that put the spotlight on her ravishing dark locks, and also included a tempting reveal of some serious sideboob.

In the accompanying caption, the 30-year-old shouted out her new hair color, which was brightened somewhat from her natural hue with lighter highlights. Cortez's new mane was well-exhibited in the clip due to a slow-motion effect that had been applied to the footage.

Fans were thoroughly enthralled by the lighter look, as well as the sneak peek at her ample bosom in the clip, taking to the comments thread with words of praise for the sexy video.

"It didn't take long for me to discover how special and amazing you are," wrote one fan.

"Amazing," exclaimed another admirer.

"Very beautiful suzy," wrote a third fan of the new look.

Meanwhile, multiple users commented with, "Maravilhoso," which Google translates from Portuguese as "Wonderful."

Cortez was captured from behind in the sultry clip as she twisted her body forward and backward, causing her shining strands of hair to bounce as she did so. She looked to be wearing a red bikini top in the shot that was tied together with thin straps in the back.

Just below the knot, the upper edge of her blue jeans was partially folded down above her hips.

As Cortez swayed her body, she allowed for quick peeks at her perky breasts, which were partially covered by the cups of her top. However, the cups were scant enough to reveal a moderate level of skin, while also revealing the size and shape of her bosom.

After the opening seconds of the video, the footage made a smooth transition into slow-mo, whereupon individual strands of her hair appeared to dance as Cortez moved her body, shook her head and ran both hands through it.

Just before the video reached its loop point, the fitness model turned her head slightly to the left, offering a clear look at her picturesque profile.

The bright natural light in the background allowed for an artful illumination of Cortez's face and voluptuous physique.

Cortez's latest Instagram offering proved to be popular, accruing several thousand views in its first hour after going live.

As shared recently by The Inquisitr, Cortez was equally stunning in another share which showed her shaking her famed booty in a black thong bodysuit.