Bigfoot Or Fake? Sasquatch Researcher Examines New Footage In Maine

New footage of Bigfoot, captured by a 12-year-old boy in Maine, prompted one Sasquatch researcher to investigate what he asserted could be "the most convincing evidence since the Patterson-Gimlin video."

Bill Brock, a Bigfoot expert, traveled to Turner, Maine, after viewing the two-minute-long clip, which purports to show a Sasquatch striding through the northern woods. As the Bangor Daily News reports, Brock said that he believed the 12-year-old was being truthful. If a Bigfoot hoax was perpetrated, he asserted the witness was as much a victim as anyone else.

"This really terrified this kid. He was shaking. I've done enough interviews with people who say they've seen Sasquatch to know … he was scared. It was almost frightening to watch him deal with it."
Visiting the area, Brock filmed a recreation of the Bigfoot sighting, using himself as a stand-in for the Sasquatch, according to the Daily Mail. He noted that the region of Maine in which the encounter occurred is considered a hotspot for Sasquatch sightings. Researchers believe it could be situated along a migratory path used by Bigfoot at this time of the year as they move south along the coast.The witness also showed Brock a set of footprints left in the snow, purportedly by a Bigfoot. The combination of sounds, video footage, and tracks formed a "perfect storm" of evidence, however, leading Brock to be hesitant about believing its authenticity. In the third of a series of online videos, in which he examined the footage, Brock expressed his doubts about the Bigfoot sighting.

Earlier this week, the Arizona Department of Transportation released an image of what they asserted was a family of Bigfoot captured by a traffic camera along the side of a road. As the Inquisitr previously reported, however, the photo proved to be a well-intentioned prank.

Brock eventually revealed that he had received a phone call, in which he was told that the witness admitted at school that the Bigfoot sighting was a hoax. Despite feeling bothered by the turn of events, Brock noted that he believed an alternate explanation could be possible.

"We were told that his teachers and his peers from school were giving him such a hard time of being a witness to Sasquatch that he felt threatened. He felt he was being picked on and being bullied."
Though the truth behind the video remains unclear, Brock noted that he believed the boy was bullied into recanting his Bigfoot sighting, pointing out that witnesses are often afraid to share their stories of Sasquatch for fear of ridicule.

[Image: Bill Brock via the Daily Mail]